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Tufts University is a leader in American higher education – distinctive for its success as a moderately-sized teaching and research university. Our ‘university on a hill‘ is a collection of colleges and academic departments independently recognized for their public service in our local communities, across the country, and around the world.

Working at Tufts University 
Across the university you’ll discover talented and committed members of our staff and faculty who share an enthusiasm and a deep commitment to Tufts. We are collectively bound by our pursuit of knowledge and truth, and driven by our common values and aspirations. The strength of these values is reflected in our willingness to look at problems from new perspectives and challenge the status quo.

T10 strategic initiatives 
An organization’s priorities can tell you a great deal about the culture. The T10 Strategic Plan provides a window into how our values impact our work as a university and how we work with each other as people. The plan’s initiatives are deliberately ambitious and far reaching – including our Foundational Initiatives that address each employee’s stewardship of limited resources and our plan to engage with and celebrate both our commonalities and differences. These strategic commitments represent who we are and guide what we will become.   


Our culture
At the heart of Tufts’ distinctive culture is a commitment to diversity of thought, openness, and the inclusion of people who represent differing experiences and points of view. Our staff, students and faculty represent over 100 countries of origin but with shared values that make us more alike than we are different.  

What we value: 

    Making an impact – We seek out new innovative ways to improve the quality of life of individuals and societies around the world, and at home. 

    Personal worth – The individual human being must be at the heart of every interaction in which individual differences are understood, valued, and cultivated. 

    Mindful leadership – Leadership brings with it tremendous possibilities and equally important responsibilities. Our leadership is visible in our words and actions, and the impact we have on the lives of those we serve.  

    Community – Our connection to each other through learning, arts, culture, sports, and through making an impact, brings us together and enhances our collective well-being. 

    Progressive learning – Our preparation for complex challenges and changes requires a commitment to lifelong learning, a willingness to challenge accepted thinking, and a sense of urgency in implementing new practices.  


What matters?
A university setting provides employees the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of their colleagues, our global community, and their individual professional development. Staff, faculty and researchers embrace the responsibility, and privilege, that working at Tufts provides. While not every employee will have the opportunity to connect personally with the individuals who benefit from Tufts’ research and outreach initiatives, at the end of the day, we all understand just how much our day-to-day work matters. 





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