Tecnologico de Monterrey

For more than 6 decades Tecnologico de Monterrey has been a successful part in the educational history of Mexico. We are cutting edge educational institution with national and international recognition that educates our students to become leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, humanistic outlook and internationally competitive. Our education includes five fundamental approaches: Entrepreneurship, Global vision, Ethics, Citizenship and Social mortgage.

Tecnologico de Monterrey was born in 1943 due to the vision of Don Eugenio Garza Sada and a group of Mexican business man willing to build institutions that educates excellent professionals characterized by commitment with their environment and ability to transform it.

Presence and outreach

We are present in all Mexico through our 31 campuses and diverse associated sites. Around the world we have 21 sites and liaison offices with presences in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Our programs

Some distinctive trades of our institution are having a cutting edge educational model focusing on the entrepreneurial spirit, providing education with social responsibility, possessing institutional prestige built with the actions of our alumni and through our ability to link alumni, enterprises and institutions.

Our programs are accredited by acknowledged national and international institutions that certify our academic quality. We have the best academic offering in undergraduate degrees, specializations, master’s and doctoral programs in the fields of agriculture,  food science, architecture, social sciences, humanities, communication, law, applied design and art, education, engineering , science, business, management, health, informational technologies and electronics.

8,831 professors guide more than 202,811 students.

To maintain our educational Excellency we maintain high standards to addition and pay special emphasis in upgrading and developing our professors teaching skills.


The Tecnologico de Monterrey relies on academic cooperation agreements with some of the best universities from different regions in the world. We have different international mobility agreements with 350 universities in more than 30 countries. This allowed us, in the last 11 years, to send more than 70,000 students abroad and receive more than 45,000 students from other universities all over the world. We also receive students and professors from 70 different countries from around the world. In 2011 there were 4,354 foreign students enrolled for one semester or summer term in one of our 31 campuses and 544 visiting international faculty teaching in one of our campus.

Educational Model

The Tecnologico de Monterrey educational model is student centered, where students are responsible for their own learning and the professor’s act as the student’s advisors and facilitators to enable them to learn and find out practical applications by themselves. In this model collaborative work is emphasized and didactical techniques are utilized such as problem-based learning, project-oriented learning, service-learning and the case method. The use of a technological platform is promoted as well as information banks and networks and a large collection in our digital library. As part of their education our students participate in co curricular activities such as sports, cultural activities, student associations and social service. By doing this we help strengthen their ethical and citizenship competencies which will constitute the trade of their future professional lives.  We have strategic alliances with strategic universities around the world for student and faculty exchange as well as academic projects and research.


At Tecnologico de Monterrey we promote research programs that respond to the changes of society and the opportunities for the development of the country. We are supported by our research faculty who carry out their work through research chairs, graduate programs, and research and development centers, support centers for enterprises, research networks and research of technological development. We seek that our research has a social impact on three legacies development of public policies in topics such as security, competitiveness and good municipal government, the development of sustainability programs such as the care of water reservoirs, renewable energy, clean transportation systems and the preservation of the flora and fauna and the development of the base of the pyramid through sustainable housing and economic growth through entrepreneurship. We are the private university with the highest number of faculty as members of the National Research System in Mexico and we are positioned as one of the higher education institutions that file more patents annually.


With the purpose of developing on our students an entrepreneurial spirit and building in them this kinds of attitudes and competencies our academic programs focus on promoting the entrepreneurship spirit toward social activities, services, business and job generation supported by a vast network of business incubators and accelerators that are operational in our campuses. We also promote the economic development of our country´s different regions through the technological parks which have become in efficient tools for technologic transfer and for the creation and attraction of competitive businesses. Additionally we have the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Entrepreneurial Institute a new scheme whose main objective is to ensure that all students in our university develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit.

Social development

In order to contribute to the reduction of the educational breach and improve the social environment we offer diverse programs aimed at people who are interested in training themselves, entrepreneurial, growing a business and training to make their living conditions better. This programs in which our students play an important role as tutors get to the target population through our network of social incubators and the community learning centers which are educational spaces located in remote isolated geographical areas or in those that lack traditional educational center we provide with online tutoring

At Tecnologico de Monterrey we promote the creation of knowledge to help on the development of our country. Our strength are our students and alumni; each one of them represents a new opportunity to transform Mexico. Through them we go further into the building of a more just society focused on continuing growth. Through that we advance into the building of a more prosperous and equitable country.

Tecnologico de Monterrey, Entrepreneurial spirit with human sense.

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