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Academic Positions for SIM University’s Full-time Programmes

Established in 2005, SIM University (UniSIM) is Singapore’s only private university and its mission is to create excellence in lifelong education through a uniquely-designed learning experience, equipping learners for a better future.

In August 2014, UniSIM will commence full-time degree programmes for fresh school leavers. These programmes in Accountancy, Finance and Marketing, will leverage the University’s existing programmes and industry links.

Underlying the full-time programmes is our educational philosophy of: (a) Head [professional competence and job-readiness]; (b) Heart [social awareness and consciousness]; and (c) Habit [self-directed and lifelong learning]. The full-time programmes will also provide flexibility between full- and part-time study/work, and interaction between full- and part-time students.

We are looking for individuals who are self-driven, independent and resourceful, to inspire, engage and nurture the next generation of like-minded graduates.

If You Have the “Head, Heart and Habit” – WE WANT YOU!

To guide our students along their learning journey, UniSIM is now recruiting full-time faculty who are aligned with our educational philosophy to produce socially-conscious professionals who are also lifelong learners.

We are looking for faculty members in the areas of:

  • Accountancy (Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Taxation)
  • Business (Business Law, Human Resource Management and Management)
  • Humanities (English Literature and History)
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • Technology and Sustainability

Our faculty have a passion for education and innovation, and are knowledgeable and self-motivated. They are primarily responsible for the creation of knowledge through academic or applied research, and the dissemination of knowledge through the development, presentation and administration of courses.

Our faculty should have:

  • A postgraduate qualification (preferably a PhD) from a reputable university, with professional qualification(s) and membership(s) for certain appointments
  • At least five years of relevant teaching and research experience in an academic institution for senior positions
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, and a high level of integrity
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team, keep abreast of developments in their fields, think strategically, and be a role model to our students

Be a Trailblazer – JOIN US!

If you are interested to make your mark, please complete this form (Summary of Candidate.doc) and email it, together with your CV, to

(Shortlisted candidates will be notified, and the terms and conditions offered will be based on the individual’s qualifications and experience.)

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