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Diversity Profile

Commitment to Equal Opportunity: 

Monmouth University is deeply committed to the principles of equality and equal opportunity for all students, faculty and staff. The mission of the Office of Equity and Diversity is to provide clear leadership and support on matters relating to equity, diversity, respect and inclusiveness for all members of the Monmouth University community.

OED provides guidance, support and delivery of programming, services and educational initiatives to Monmouth University faculty, staff, and students. The purpose of these programs is to support diversity, inclusiveness, equal access, equitable treatment, cultural understanding, and the prevention of prohibited discrimination and harassment.

AA/EEO Office: 

The Office oversees, facilitates and supports the University’s efforts to ensure equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions.

To fulfill our mission, the Office of Equity and Diversity provides:

- Information, consultation, training and resources to the Monmouth University community with regard to diversity, harassment and discrimination prevention, affirmative action, equal opportunity and disability matters;

- Individual consultation with Monmouth University, staff, faculty, students, and administrators;

- A mechanism for responding to complaints of harassment and discrimination;

- Oversight of and support for the University’s compliance efforts in the areas of equal opportunity, affirmative action, harassment and discrimination prevention, and compliance with all applicable State and Federal civil rights laws.

Office of Equity and Diversity

Monmouth University

400 Cedar Avenue

West Long Branch, NJ 07764

(732) 571-7577 (phone)

(732) 263-5140 (fax)

Contact Info: 

Julian R. Williams, Esq.

Director, Office of Equity and Diversity Wilson Hall, Room 304


Commitment to Diversity: 

Monmouth University affirms the inestimable worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of his or her condition in life. We affirm, further, the right of each person to develop to his or her full potential and to be judged on the basis of personal accomplishments. Finally, we believe that the achievement of full humanity is enhanced by the experience of the human family.

students with beach ball

Monmouth University, through this philosophy and policy statement, seeks to create a pluralistic community in which people:

- are accepted and judged as individuals, independent of ancestry, social and economic background, sexual orientation, age, gender, physical characteristics, or personal beliefs;

- may freely engage in constructive academic dialogue and debate in classrooms and public halls, and pursue their social and private lives, uninhibited by discrimination, disruption, or harassment in any form; and

- value, respect, and draw their intellectual strength from the rich diversity of other peoples of different races, cultures, religions, nationalities, and beliefs.

This affirmation and commitment will guide us in the challenging times ahead as we strive to achieve excellence in service, teaching, and scholarship.

The Office of Affirmative Action, Human Relations, and Compliance collaborates with other University constituencies to facilitate ongoing interaction among all students and employees to promote appreciation of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. The office serves as the primary vehicle to initiate, coordinate, and advance programming for a culturally diverse population. It addresses issues of diversity related to gender, disability, sexual orientation, and religion throughout the University community.

Diversity Resources: 

OED provides training to the University community, including all staff (full-time, part-time, student workers), faculty, and students.  Workshops and seminars are interactive, providing participants with opportunities to engage in discussion and activities that challenge existing perspectives while understanding those that differ. Training and education can be customized to meet the needs of the unit, department, or group.  Contact OED to set up a training workshop for your area. 

Workshop Descriptions:

Faculty Search Training & Hiring Procedures – This workshop explores the best practices in recruiting a diverse faculty.  Best practices will be explored to include areas such as: writing job descriptions to include diversity competencies, marketing strategies, and tips on how to field a diverse applicant pool. This workshop will also address navigation of the Monmouth University, PeopleAdmin system.   This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training – All employees of Monmouth University are required to complete a self-paced sexual harassment training program entitled “Preventing Sexual Harassment."  This program instructs the employee on the various aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace. The program may be accessed at This online session focuses on the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.   This online program uses case studies to highlight what is and isn’t sexual harassment and gender discrimination. 

Inter-Cultural Sensitivity Training – The workshop addresses how to avoid predispositions that enable stereotypes by gaining a better awareness of your own ethnocentric view of the world. This workshop is designed to help the MU community gain a broader knowledge of diversity issues, discuss strategies for increasing sensitivity and awareness of diversity issues within the workplace and activities, and creating inclusive and culturally safe work/learning environments.  This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

Minority Perspectives in the Classroom – This session is geared towards faculty and offers insight and guidance on the experiences of minority students in the college environment.  This workshop also offers ways that faculty can get involved in “Diversity at Monmouth.”  This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

Diversity Awareness Training – This workshop explores the many dimensions of diversity and works to build a common awareness as it relates to a multicultural community.  Several scenarios, role playing, and exercises are used to challenge and highlight diversity competencies as it relates to the learning and environment.  This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

Other Campus Resources

Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives

Sexual Harassment

Disability Awareness

Institute for Global Understanding

The SafeZone Program



Organizations/clubs/social networks: 

Multicultural/Diversity Related Student Groups

Institute for Global Understanding

Student Human Relations Advisory Committee

The Student Human Relations Advisory Committee (SHRAC) is formed out of student representatives. It gives students a forum to discuss issues that face them on campus and a way of helping to create change. Three representatives from this committee will pass along the thoughts and feelings of all of SHRAC by serving on the Human Relations Advisory Council (HRAC).

The Human Relations Advisory Council consists of twenty faculty members, administrators, staff members, and students who work together to achieve and sustain a pluralistic university community recognized for its racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity. The council helps to develop policy and conducts human relation audits to ascertain the campus climate. The purpose of the Human Relations Advisory Council is to:

- monitor human relations and advise the University on ways to improve relations on campus and in the surrounding community;

- promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding; and

- encourage the acceptance of our differences without bias or indifference and the celebration of our similarities within a shared context.

The Human Relations Advisory Council (HRAC) is charged to report annually to the University President on the state of campus human relations. For more information, please visit the HRAC Web site.

Please contact the Office of Student Activities at 732-571-3586 or send an e-mail to Heather Kelly, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives, at if you have questions or are interested in joining SHRAC

Human Relations Advisory Council

The Human Relations Advisory Council consists of faculty members, administrators, staff members, and students who work together to achieve and sustain a pluralistic university community recognized for its racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

The council develops policy and conducts human relation audits to ascertain the campus climate. The Human Relations Advisory Council members may be reached by e-mail at

The Alliance for a Diverse Campus

The Alliance for a Diverse Campus (ADC) is a unique group comprised of students, faculty, administrators and staff. It is the only organization at any college in New Jersey whose participants continue their affiliation with the American Conference on Diversity (formerly NCCJ-NJ). The group developed as the result of the first diversity training conducted by the American Conference on Diversity in February 2006.

The goal of the group is to promote inclusiveness and develop awareness of differences within the campus community. New participants may join at any time with the understanding that they will participate in the annual training. Those previously trained have the opportunity to serve as co-facilitators in future trainings. As a result of this process, there is an ongoing commitment of members within the campus community to join in creating a safe campus for all through potential projects and programs.

Additional information regarding the Alliance for a Diverse Campus may be obtained by contacting Counseling and Psychological Services at 732-571-7517 or send e-mail to



 Part of offering a comprehensive college experience is having a location that is more than just a place, but is a true destination. Monmouth is a destination that offers something for everyone. Located in a residential area, the campus sits moments from the shore and an hour from New York City and Philadelphia. While providing easy access to these locales, the University’s secure 156-acre campus serves as a home base for students. And with 56 buildings providing the perfect synthesis of modern aesthetics and historical architecture, there is always something dynamic and inspiring to discover. So while the University offers an engaging and lively academic atmosphere, it also provides convenient access to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and big-city cultural and entertainment attractions.

 Monmouth is among the few institutions of higher education in the United States to require a hands-on,experiential education requirement. The University’s location makes Monmouth uniquely equipped to help students link classroom academics with real world experiences. Monmouth students pursue internships at various firms and settings, from having worked at major radio stations in Manhattan, to governmental offices and agencies in Washington, DC. Students can also find challenges in the field as part of the University’s Urban Coast Institute, with its ties to marine biology and environmental science. Students studying business, economics and real estate, public policy, and the arts and social sciences will all find enrichment opportunities to enhance what they learn in their courses. Career Services holds career days throughout the year where students may learn about employment opportunities at an abundance of nearby companies and associations, which include government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

And while Monmouth is located less than a mile from the beach and a short bus, train, or ferry ride to the Big Apple, it is the University’s proximity to the real world that gives Monmouth students their edge outside of the classroom in pursuit of their career goals.

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