Director of Financial Aid

The Director is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Financial Aid staff in our Student Service Center and serves as a key member of the management team. This person must have the ability to lead, motivate and train with a results oriented approach. The Director must have technical knowledge of financial aid software and US department of Education processing and reporting requirements. Overall, responsibilities include oversight of financial aid programs, monitoring and implementation of federal and state regulations and maintaining confidentiality of financial aid data. An enrollment management focus is necessary with regards to financial aid expenditures, forecasting and revenue projections. ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in managing a Financial Aid office. 2. Responsible for the timely review and processing of financial aid applications, award letters, scholarships, need analysis and disbursement of funds to students. 3. Ensures that the staff is current on student loan programs and recent changes in federal, state and University regulations, including FERPA and Title IV. 4. Works collaboratively with other members of the Stevens enrollment management leadership team to meet the enrollment and retention goals of the University. 5. Ensures compliance with federal, state, and University guidelines in the administration of the various financial aid and scholarship programs. 6. Completes all reports required by federal and state agencies. 7. Oversees the coordination of the University’s financial aid program with regard to policy, awarding, budgeting, and distribution of institutional and federal funds. 8. Develops financial aid packaging guidelines according to the University’s goals. 9. Provides excellent customer service to students and parents in communications regarding federal, state and University financial aid policies and procedures. 10. Provides support for the University’s recruiting and admission strategies through the financial aid delivery process for prospective students in coordination with the Office of Admissions. 11. Supports Admissions and recruitment functions by speaking with high school counselors, prospective students, alumni and other constituencies regarding financial aid and scholarships as needed. 12. Represents the University at various professional organizational boards and meetings in the financial aid community. 13. Monitors satisfactory academic progress as required by federal and state regulations and establishes a review process that ensures that academic records and standards of satisfactory progress are being met with submission of reports as appropriate. 14. Establishes and maintains relations with the U.S. Department of Education, the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, lenders and other agencies. 15. Perform other duties and tasks assigned by the AVP or Vice President. 16. Annually updates the University’s financial aid publications, including the electronic catalog, website and other media. 17. Attends conferences, meetings and training on behalf of the University. 18. Speaks publicly both on and off campus regarding student financial aid. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Requires a Master’s degree in an appropriate discipline and at least eight years of financial aid experience. PREFER: Preference will be given to applicants with ten years of experience with a least five years’ experience either as Director, or Associate Director at an institution of higher learning.