QA Analyst III

Nashville, Davidson County
Aug 03, 2014
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Under minimal supervision, responsible for aspects of the testing phase for larger more complex projects. Demonstrates good communication, organization, and team building skills. Initiates continuous improvement of the Information Management Quality Assurance Best Practices Process. Has advanced knowledge of automated testing and provides technical and analytical guidance to project teams. Training and mentoring staff in technical skills and best practices. Carries out all phases of the QA Best Practices Process to ensure that all information systems products and services meet institution standards and end-user requirements. Identifying appropriate resources needed, assembling the test team, defining and gaining approval on the testing requirements, assigning responsibilities, defining test scenarios developing the test plan to ensure timely completion of testing phase.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. With minimal direction coordinate and oversee all phases of the QA Best Practices Processes.
    1. Test Requirements Phase: Document the testing requirements for the application to be tested and verify that they meet the end user requirements in tools specified for the development project.
    2. Test Plan Phase: develop detailed test scenarios that meet defined test requirements; determining how each test scenario should be tested (i.e. manual or automated) and working with the customer and developer to ensure business and technical functionality. Attend iteration and project stand up meetings.
    3. Perform Test Process Phase: execution of each testing scenario; running automated test scripts using WinRunner; recording all testing Results (manual or automated tests) in automated test tool; reporting and documenting all defects in automated test tool; continuously and consistently communicating testing status to the Project Manager, Project Team, and the QA Manager; and performing regression testing as needed.
    4. Perform application release phase: communicating and completing documentation for the go live date with Change Management, attending go-live meetings and participate in project post-release meetings in order to evaluate productions problems; analyzing current testing process, refining process for continued improvement, and providing application support.
  2. Actively identify and participate in training, education and development activities to improve own knowledge and performance to sustain and enhance professional development.
    1. Keep up-to-date on QA software systems, practices and technological developments, as appropriate.
    2. Seek to understand Vanderbilt University Medical Center organization and goals.
    3. Maintain skills commensurate with job expectations.
    4. Commit to the Informatics Center Covenant.
  3. Demonstrate good team building and leadership skills.
    1. Manages QA team members and their assigned projects
    2. Actively participate in Team Meetings and is a QA Lead on projects.
    3. Readily volunteer to assist fellow team members as needed.
    4. Promote constructive formal and informal information sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration.
    5. Communicate and model values and mission of VUMC through orientation, development, and mentoring of staff.
    6. Provide direction and assistance to staff on technical issues and best practices.
  4. Demonstrate good communication skills.
    1. Effectively communicate using all media, and both oral and written communication.
    2. Use appropriate communication to achieve optimum results. This includes selecting the correct level of detail and communication method for the situation and audience.
    3. Effectively communicate in a group setting, using both formal and informal presentation techniques.
    4. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills by actively listening and responding.
  5. Create manual and automated test scripts.
    1. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of scripts and documentation.
    2. Modify and debug test scripts as needed for changed features.
    3. Recommend and analyze changes to new features in relation to application test strategies.
    4. Create test scripts for new features and debug current scripts.
  6. Participate in defining and continuously improving quality assurance processes and procedures.
    1. Establish improvements to existing quality assurance processes and procedures to ensure successful implementation from test to production environment.
    2. Document quality assurance processes and procedures and train staff on best practices.
    3. Report progress on quality improvement and problem resolution to management.
    4. Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies including meeting deadlines, when applicable.
    5. Ensure integrity and security of institutional data.
  7. Has advanced knowledge of automated testing and provides technical and analytical guidance to project teams, test teams, and other QA Analysts.
    1. Has significant experience creating automated test scripts.
    2. Act as information resource about assigned areas to technical writers and other QA Leaders.
    3. Mentor and assist other Quality Assurance Analysts in their introduction to the Information Management Quality Assurance Best Practices Process.
    4. Researches and makes recommendations regarding software and tools that would benefit QA processes.
    5. Proactively identifies potential issues regarding software upgrades and new software implementations, and proposes solutions that will improve quality across projects.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 5 years of experience or the equivalent.

Job Information Technology

Primary Location TN-Nashville-3401 West End Ave

Organization App Development 152550