Senior Learning and Engagement Associate

Adair Village, Benton County / Corvallis, Benton County
Aug 02, 2014

Appointment Type: Administrative/Professional Faculty

Department: Equity and Inclusion 008409 UPR

Position Summary: The Office of Equity and Inclusion invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, fixed term Senior Learning and Engagement Associate position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Executive Director.

The Senior Learning and Engagement Associate provides strategic leadership in the areas of learning, programs, and communications in support of efforts to realize the vision of a university climate of inclusion, collaboration, and care that is rooted in social justice.

This position will independently and collaboratively develop, implement, and evaluate educational strategies to build institutional and individual capacity related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

This position also works collaboratively with a wide range of partners to develop, implement, and evaluate programs designed to foster engagement around the areas of diversity and social justice.

This includes providing leadership to the development and implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy that enhances educational efforts, provides information, facilitates interpersonal and group connections, and promotes engagement with equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts throughout the university.

Efforts in these areas will be designed to be inclusive of the entire university community and responsive to the unique needs of specific identity groups and segments of the university community.

Position Duties: 50% Learning
Uses relevant theories, emerging research, and legal and policy frameworks to individually and collaboratively design educational strategies and curriculum, and conduct educational and training sessions on topics related to equity, inclusion, and diversity. With a focus on faculty and staff, and in alignment with similar efforts by the Division of Student Affairs, designs, implements, and evaluates educational strategies and programs that:

Increase university-wide understanding and awareness of matters of equity, inclusion, and diversity;

Develop the capacity of individuals to engage in comprehensive equity, inclusion, and diversity work; and
Increase understanding and appreciation of the value of diversity and knowledge of strategies for realizing the value.

Facilitates collaboration and connections between various groups conducting training and education to enhance the effectiveness of educational efforts on these topics across the university.

Works with individuals and groups to facilitate and build skills for interacting effectively and engaging in conversations on topics related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

40% Engagement
Serve as a collaborative partner with a wide range of individuals and groups to develop, implement, and evaluate programs and create initiatives related to university-wide diversity and social justice issues. Focuses on creating new opportunities for faculty and staff for learning and engagement, and on aligning with existing opportunities for students. Plans, implements, and evaluates strategic efforts to foster coalition building, collaboration, and meaningful connections within and between various groups and communities; creates formal and informal opportunities for relationship building. Plans, implements, and evaluates opportunities to recognize and celebrate successful efforts related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

In a highly collaborative manner, develops, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive communications strategy that:

Contributes to the development of a university community of educators and learners on matters of equity, inclusion, and diversity;

Shares best practice educational strategies on these topics;

Enhances educational and engagement efforts through communications that include a strong emphasis on storytelling;

Provides information on efforts throughout the university relating to equity, inclusion, and diversity;

Facilitates interpersonal and group connections; and

Promotes engagement by university community members and stakeholders with equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts throughout the university.

10% Service and other activities
Provide service to university and surrounding community, including participation on university committees and in campus/community activities related to diversity, equity, equal opportunity, and affirmative action. Additional responsibilities as assigned, including opportunities for growth and professional development in other areas of interest related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Position Duties (continued):

Working Conditions/Work Schedule:

Minimum/Required Qualifications: Master's degree in a relevant field that emphasizes a well-developed knowledge and understanding of:
Theories and pedagogues related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Individual and structural inequalities experienced by people from marginalized or historically under served groups.

Current scholarship in relevant areas such as institutional access, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.

Considerable Experience:
Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within a complex organization.

Developing networks, engaging in outreach, and building community with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Working collaboratively and effectively with difficult issues in complex environments.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating educational/training sessions on matters of diversity and social justice.

Developing strategies for effective communications.

Providing both leadership and guidance to a team of people, and serving as a topic area resource.

Performance Skills:
Demonstrated commitment to advancing diversity and creating inclusive environments.

Demonstrated ability to:
Work effectively, both independently and collaboratively, across multiple aspects of difference.

Communicate well, both verbally and in writing.

Be fair and gain trust of others.

Use sound judgment in professional environments.

Adapt to changing environments and shifting priorities.

Work effectively with a range of different audiences to facilitate positive and collaborative processes and initiatives.

This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OAR 576-055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every 24 months.

Preferred (Special) Qualifications: Earned doctorate in a field that emphasizes a well-developed understanding of theories and pedagogues related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Considerable Experience:
Working in higher education.

Designing and implementing engaging communications on matters of equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Performance Skills:
Demonstrated ability to:
Work effectively with people who have experienced forms of bias, harassment, and/or violence based on their identity.

Work effectively with academic faculty, administrative and staff colleagues, students, and diverse external communities to facilitate positive and collaborative processes and initiatives.

Be persuasive across a variety of formats (e.g., in person, in writing, through social media, etc.)

Understanding of the principles and practices of affirmative action, equal opportunity, equity, inclusion, and diversity (from education, personal/professional development, and/or work experience).

Multilingual and/or multicultural in languages/cultures that are increasingly represented at OSU, such as Spanish/Latin-American, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Deaf Culture/American Sign Language.

Education, training, or experience that enhances the collective effectiveness of the office.

Scholarly Outcomes for Position (academic faculty only):

Posting Date: 08-01-2014

For Full Consideration Date:

Closing Date: 08-31-2014

Recommended Full-Time Salary Range: $55,000-$96,200

Posting Number: 0012896

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