Human Resources Consultant 2

Adair Village, Benton County / Corvallis, Benton County
Aug 01, 2014

Appointment Type: Administrative/Professional Faculty

Department: Arts & Sci Business Ctr 391120 QBC

Position Summary: The Arts & Sciences Business Center invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, fixed-term Human Resources Consultant 2 position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Business Center Manager.

The Human Resources Consultant 2 (HRC2) is responsible for performing a full range of professional responsibilities related to Business Center (BC) Human Resources (HR) management, including, but not limited to: advising in the interpretation and application of rules, bargaining agreements, policies and procedures; consulting, coaching, and giving technical advice to management; coordinating and overseeing classification and compensation functions; compiling labor market information and surveys; overseeing recruitment and hiring; evaluating position descriptions; designing training programs; performing analysis of business processes; creating reports; coordinating projects; responding to multiple technical system user inquiries.

The HRC2 serves as advisor to supervisors and administrators regarding state, federal, OUS and University rules, policies, collective bargaining agreements, and procedures in areas assigned. The HRC2 works independently under general guidance from the Business Center Human Resources Manager (HRM). The HRC2 functions at the level of the HRM when authority has been delegated to do so in the HRM's absence, and has the authority to execute and make decisions on behalf of the HRM when functioning in this capacity. The HRC2 has delegated signatory authority on behalf of the University Appointing Authority for various duties and responsibilities.

Position Duties: 30% Recruitment & Position Description Management: Reviews and approves actions submitted through the Online Position Description and Recruiting system. Ensures the university's commitment to elimination of discrimination, provision of equal opportunity in employment, and the creation of a diverse community are reinforced through consistency of actions and attainment of desired outcomes in the recruitment and selection process. Review includes proposed salary ranges for positions to be filled through competitive and noncompetitive processes and review of offer letters. Recommends approval of academic wage, temporary staff appointments and extensions to the HRM.

20% Lead Work Responsibilities: Provides leadership and performs lead work functions for HR Technicians and HR Consultant 1's: orient new employees; plan and assign work; direct staff on work procedures and performance standards; monitor their work products; advise HRM of staff training needs and arranging for such training or developing and delivering training for unit; motivate staff to work effectively; advising HRM of the staff member's performance issues or concerns, including the possible need for disciplinary action; and providing feedback to the HRM regarding the performance of employees for whom they provide lead work. Evaluates the quality and accuracy of staff work by reviewing reports and/or statistical data; conferring with reporting staff; and reviewing information from program users, section or unit services in order to determine what improvements and corrective actions, if any, are needed.

15% HR Administration: Coordinates and administers various HR administration functions and processes including: summer spreadsheet process, unclassified Notice of Appointment spreadsheet and letter administration; Periodic Review of Faculty process; and graduate assistant appointment administration. Coordinates with Office of Human Resources (OHR) regarding information requests and time reporting for disability, life insurance claims, and SAIF claims. Provides employee leave information for the administration of Family Medical Leave Act/Oregon Family Leave Act. Completes monthly data entry audit following Time Entry. Participates on applicable committees as appropriate. Performs other duties as assigned including, but not limited to, backing-up the HR Consultant 2/Supervisor and HRM.

15% Classification & Compensation: Reviews and approves position description transactions and professional faculty job titles in the Online Position Description and Recruitment System. Reviews and effectively recommends actions for classified positions including establishment, reclassification, and conversion. Reviews position duties and determines Fair Labor Standards Act designation. Audits unclassified positions for FLSA status changes, including average weekly wage requirements; takes action to ensure appropriate designation and communicates changes to the management. Performs compensation functions and responsibilities within established guidelines and policies. Reviews and approves the following classified employee transactions: extra meritorious increases; IT compensation plan increases; in-hire salary rates within steps 1-4 of the compensation plan; out-of-cycle individual classified employee salary increases; work-out-of classification compensation requests; differentials and special qualifications pay; and vacation cash out and payment requests.

Position Duties (continued): At HRM request, researches and provides analysis of the following: overload payment; administrative stipend payment; and merit and equity increase payment for requests under 10% of employee's current salary rate. As directed, performs functions associated with the campus-wide unclassified salary increase process, workforce salary surveys and other surveys and reports. Conducts classification and compensation audits, as requested, utilizing university guidelines and protocols.

5% Layoff Process & Performance Evaluations: Assists OHR in completing employee transfers and placements prior to layoff initiation and during the layoff process. Administers classified employee performance management process, including performance evaluation review. Reviews and advises supervisors regarding performance evaluation content. Notifies the Employee Relations staff in OHR of classified employee performance concerns or issues noted on employee performance appraisals for review and follow-up. Collaborates with OHR regarding coordination of performance evaluation review functions in relation to performance management actions to be taken by OHR.

5% Training & Professional Development: Assists and participates in the development, coordination and implementation of employee training and development including integration activities for new BC HR personnel. Maintains professional and technical competency; stays current on policies, procedures and regulations.

3% HR Policy & Procedure Development and Implementation: Participates in HR policy development and implementation. Participates in BC HR operational and strategic planning. Collaborates on HR systems, policies and procedures that foster effective HR Management and service delivery. Identifies organizational and development needs to design and implement appropriate strategies to address needs.

3% Monitoring & Auditing: Performs and participates in auditing and monitoring activities related to BC HR transactions, functions, management systems and practices for accuracy, completeness, and consistency with University policies and standards. Reviews and prepares narrative and statistical reports related to audit findings, metrics, and relayed areas.

2% HR Information Systems: Creates and delivers information, reports, and spreadsheets based on data needs of college/department within the parameters established by the University Records Custodians and university policy. Creates reports from Banner, People Admin Online Position Description and Recruitment System, Data Warehouse, and other programs. Identifies problem areas and works with IT support personnel to solve problems.

2% Collective Bargaining: Collects and organizes department strike plan information from assigned college/department for management when required by OHR. Attends confidential meetings for strike planning and preparation. In the event of a strike, represents management's interests by assisting the college/department and OHR with records administration activities and redeployment of employees as part of the University strike plan. Researches needs and requests from the assigned college/departments regarding labor relations matters and prepares collective bargaining proposals based on the college/department needs for submission to OHR. Attends and makes presentations, as requested, during bargaining to represent college/department position(s) on specific bargaining proposals.

Working Conditions/Work Schedule: Position responsibilities may require a need to work irregular work hours (i.e., weekends, holidays, nights), and job-related travel.

Minimum/Required Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management, Business or Public Administration, Behavioral Sciences or Organizational Development/Behavior and three years of professional level human resource experience; OR SPHR or PHR and two additional years of professional human resources experience; OR five years of professional level human resource experience.

Incumbents must possess sufficient understanding and application of a specialized body of theory and principles of Human Resources, basic management to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of Human Resources, typically acquired through related work experiences and/or formal study at the undergraduate level. Some positions may require a high level of specialized technical expertise.

Basic knowledge of the principles and practices of management, including planning, organizing, directing, motivating, controlling, and decision-making.
Basic knowledge of the principles and practices of employee relations.
Ability to effectively communicate in writing and oral expression.
Ability to effectively write general, statistical, and technical reports.
Ability to analyze program data, draws conclusions, and makes appropriate recommendations.
Experience in lead work and/or supervision, including planning and assigning work according to the nature of the job to be accomplished as well as the capabilities of subordinates and available resources; controlling work through periodic reviews and/or evaluations; determining subordinates' training needs and arranging for such training; motivating subordinates to work effectively; determining the need for disciplinary action and recommending or initiating disciplinary action.
Proven strong organizational skills.
Proven exceptional customer service skills.
Experience working in a fast paced environment.
Experience managing difficult customers and situations.

This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OAR 576-055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every 24 months.

Preferred (Special) Qualifications: User-level experience with the following software:
Online Position Description and Recruiting System
Sungard Higher Education Banner (HRIS module)
Data Warehouse
Microsoft Access

Experience performing duties in Human Resources Management in an institution of higher education, or comparable environment.

A demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity.

Scholarly Outcomes for Position (academic faculty only):

Posting Date: 07-24-2014

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Closing Date: 08-08-2014

Recommended Full-Time Salary Range: Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

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