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Adair Village, Benton County / Corvallis, Benton County
Aug 01, 2014
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Appointment Type: Classified Staff

Department: Business Affairs 410000 QBA

Position Summary: This recruitment will be used to fill two full-time Program Representative 1 positions for Business Affairs at Oregon State University (OSU).

Business Affairs is a unit within Finance and Administration for Oregon State University and is responsible for the proper receipt, expenditure, accounting and financial reporting of funds in accordance with appropriate Federal and State regulations, as well as the requirements of the various other public and private sources of University funds. Business Affairs has several sub-units: The Office of Post Award Administration (OPAA) annually administers over 4,500 active grant accounts for research. Payroll is responsible for processing and posting pay data for 11,000 employees monthly totaling more than $580M in compensation annually. The Financial Accounting and Analysis unit is responsible for centralized financial oversight and analysis of university transactions, policies and processes. Its operations encompass more than $280M in vendor payments, and include related functions such as audit coordination, fiscal year-end closing, quality assurance, and financial reporting. The Student Finance units are responsible for the billing and collection of over $225M in tuition and fees annually, receipting and depositing of revenue in excess of $735M annually from all sources, and managing over 32,000 active ID cards and the campus card's many programs including meal plans, door entry, and access to other campus services and events. Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) has the responsibility to work with University departments to establish and manage contracts with a total value in excess of $130 million annually, to oversee the transfer, sale, or disposal of all University surplus property, and to maintain a comprehensively sustainable waste management program with trash disposal as a last resort.
The Student Finance units include Student Accounts, Debt Management, and Cashier's. The purpose of the Student Debt Management unit is to manage the Federal Perkins and OSU Institutional Loans programs, and the tuition Revolving Charge Account program; assist current and former students resolve past due debt; provide customer service and support communicating rights and responsibilities; participate in financial literacy efforts; and support the campus billing units by providing compliance and best practices guidance.
The purpose of this position is to act as a representative of the OSU student finance programs, providing information and services to individuals, staff, and other agencies. This position performs a variety of program services such as: reviewing requests for services such as deferment and forbearance; advising students on participating in account payment programs; instructing individuals on procedures for compliance with program regulations; and answering correspondence by phone, email, or mail. This position also monitors the activity of the loan programs in general and individual accounts. This position must maintain a current understanding of federal regulations, state laws, and University policies and procedures that affect the campus-based loans and the Revolving Charge Account program. In addition, this position is required to have knowledge of FERPA, Title IV, and OUS/OSU policies.

Position Duties: 35% Program Representation:
Communicates with students, parents, and staff to advise them on program rules and requirements for campus-based loans and student account Revolving Charge Account program (In-person, phone, mail and email).
Advises and assists current and former students on payment plan programs, explains procedures and policies, and determines which program options the student is eligible for.
Develops, maintains, and processes campus-based loan materials for entrance and exit counseling for loan recipients and graduates, ensuring materials are comprehensive and understandable to participants. Creates user friendly materials interpreting regulations and policies for current and former students. Reports on loans advanced to students, and loans paid-in-full.
Advises loan program participants on how to request information or special services from OSU offices or third party providers that OSU contracts with for services.
Develops and implements communications program based on academic calendar and typical loan program cycles.
Represents OSU with other state agencies such as Dept. of Revenue for their Other Agency Accounts collection services and state liability tax-offset program, or other OUS institution to research program best practices.
Maintains information for Business Affairs website related to the Revolving Charge Account program and the associated program regulations, and participants rights and responsibilities. Provide information to web developers.
Assists manager with writing policy and procedure guides for use by program participants.

25% Service Request Review:
Reviews applications and requests for Perkins program services including deferments, loan cancellation, hardship considerations, and debt consolidation.
Reviews requests for extended repayment schedule on past-due Revolving Charge tuition accounts. Similar to service requests tasks for campus-based loans, but with fewer options for student/participant.
Ensures that requester has supplied complete and accurate information; evaluates request program requirements and regulations; approves/denies requests; explains decision to requester with suggestions, if appropriate, on meeting program requirements.
Processes requests for AmeriCorps payments, mortgage verifications, and credit reporting validation.
These responsibilities require an understanding of applicable federal and university policies, and the ability to interpret/apply those regulations for each participant's situation, and an understanding of University objectives for student retention and cash management.

Position Duties (continued): 25% Participant Review:
Instructs individuals and groups on proper methods and procedures for complying with Revolving Charge Account plan rules and regulations. Serve as primary staff member for monitoring and resolving service holds (registration and transcripts), and scheduling routine communications to current and former students.
Reviews returned or rejected payments on accounts, processes system updates, and communicate with student on potential impact to services, such as registration holds or reversals for NSF checks.
Contacts participants as needed to inform them about out-of-compliance situations that will cause a hold on services (registration, transcript, loan rehabilitation).
Submit and monitor Banner jobs that report on account status and potential out-of-compliance instances, such as monitoring students' accounts to ensure timely payments to continue enrollment.
Participate with supervisor and staff on program reviews for compliance with state and federal regulations and compliance with program reporting requirements.

10% Program Promotion:
Maintains records and compiles information on participant activity and overall status of the programs; performs ad hoc or special research, answers correspondence (mail and email).
Represent Student Debt Management and Student Accounts units at events such as START orientation, U-Engage courses, graduating student exit orientation, etc.
Participates in training, listservs, and memberships to stay aware of changes in regulations that could impact the campus-based loan or Revolving Charge plan programs.

5% Other duties as assigned

Working Conditions/Work Schedule: Busy office environment. Significant in-person and phone contact with customers and staff. Periodic, heavy workload at beginning and end of each term. Extended periods of time seated at a computer workstation.

Minimum/Required Qualifications: Two years of technical or professional-level experience advising and/or instructing the public concerning specific programs or processes, monitoring programs, or performing participant reviews.

Familiarity with basic accounting and/or bookkeeping principles.
Experience working with computerized accounting systems. Proficient in Excel, MS Word, Outlook, MS Access - or equivalent;
Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
Excellent organization skills;
Proficient in basic accounting principles;
Experience providing quality customer service to internal and external customers;
Ability to maintain professionalism even in confrontational situations.

This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OAR 576-055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every 24 months.

Preferred (Special) Qualifications: Experience in a billing, banking, accounting or collections; Higher education work experience ;
Experience working in a highly regulated environment; Associate or Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Business, or related field;
Working knowledge of OSU policies and Title IV regulations; Proficient in Banner FIS and SIS

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Posting Date: 07-31-2014

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Closing Date: 08-18-2014

Recommended Full-Time Salary Range: $2956-$4501

Posting Number: 0012865

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