Athletic Trainer I, Part-Time (up to 10 hours per week) (VARIED SHIFT), Belmont

Nashville, Davidson County
Aug 01, 2014


Provide services to patients and athletes who have impairments, functional limitations or changes in physical function and health status as a result of injury, illness or other causes. Actively collaborates with the health care/educational team which consists of the Director of Sports Medicine, team physicians, Vanderbilt University Medical Center specialists, athletic trainers and physical therapists to meet patient care, outcomes and system treatment, rehabilitation care to athletes using modalities, personnel, equipment and supply resources.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Assessment-Completes assessments using the appropriate testing methods and equipment for the patient/athlete, diagnosis and reason for referral. Demonstrates ability to:
    1. Obtain information pertinent to the assessment including diagnosis, medical history, prior and current level of function
    2. Administer and score standardized tests and objective measures of deficit areas.
    3. Perform a functional assessment and document patient's status requiring skilled treatment.
    4. Interpret the results of the assessment and their significance to the patient/athlete, family, healthcare team, and appropriate staff.
  2. Treatment Planning and Intervention-Formulates functional treatment plan and provides rehabilitation
    interventions for identified objectives/goals for return to play. Demonstrates ability to:
    1. Develop a problem list and plan of care based upon the results of the assessment with input from the patient/athlete focused on meeting objective goals for return to play.
    2. Document patient/athlete focused short and /or long term goals that are functional and measureable.
    3. Incorporate educational needs of the patient/athlete, family, healthcare team, and appropriate staff.
    4. Identify the need for and referral to other services as indicated.
    5. Provide treatment consistent with physician prescription/protocol and established plan of care.
    6. Modify treatment plan as needed to demonstrate provision of treatment/rehabilitation including progression of treatment throughout course of care, and revision of treatment interventions of goals not met.
    7. Supervise and direct volunteers.
  3. Education -Provides education/consultation to patient/athlete, family, team and community.
    Demonstrates ability to:
    1. Communicate functional impact of assessment findings, treatment interventions, diagnosis, and disease process.
    2. Adapt communication to needs/level of understanding of audience and shares appropriate information/literature.
    3. Adapt communication to needs/level of understanding of audience and shares appropriate information/literature.
  4. Compliance and Quality Documentation. Demonstrates ability to:
    1. Consistently choose the appropriate MediServe/Star Panel template by the mid-year review.
    2. Utilize only approved abbreviations within patient documentation.
    3. Consistently meet department documentation standards regarding timeliness of documentation by the mid-year review.
    4. Consistently meet VUMC documentation standards.
  5. Functions as integral member of team. Demonstrates ability to:
    1. Comply with policies and procedures
    2. Promote the role of a certified athletic trainer across VUMC and the community
    3. Collaborate with physicians, therapists, coaches, and parents regarding patient/athletes functional therapy goals and discharge plan.
    4. Carry a full patient caseload by the end of the first 90 days of employment when applicable.
    5. Assists other team members with treatments, practice, game, and tournament coverage when schedule allows.
    6. Provides voluntary coverage of Vanderbilt sponsored community events.
  6. Provides Coverage of Assigned Team. Demonstrates ability to:
    1. Be available at all team practices and games as required by athletic training room and athletic training
      service commitments including travel.
    2. Provide immediate care to athletic injuries.
    3. Represent VSM/VUMC at all sporting events including in-season, conference, and post-season events.
    4. Provide effective professional relationship between athletic team, department, VSM, and VUMC.
    5. Coordinate and schedule physical examinations and medical referrals.
    6. Obtain educational resources for assigned teams when problem area identified.
  7. Professional Development-Demonstrates contributions to the professional development of self and profession:
    1. May participate as required in educational experiences and professional development activities as outlined in the Career Advancement Program guidelines.
    2. Advocates for discipline and profession.
    3. Continue to progress the skills of self and team through attending in-services and continuing education programs.
    4. May provide educational programs to promote awareness of the role or professional and disciple.
  8. Productivity-Meet the departments productivity standards.

    Basic Qualifications

    This position requires a Bachelor's degree and relevant years of experience or the equivalent.

    Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

    Licensed Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers Association Certification

    Job Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine

    Primary Location TN-Nashville-Medical Center East (MCE) - South Tower

    Organization Orthopaedics 303530