Instructional Lab Technician-Microcomputer

Chula Vista, San Diego County
Jul 22, 2014

Instructional Lab Technician-Microcomputer
RESPONSIBILITIES: Under direction of an assigned Director or other assigned management staff, plan, organize, coordinate and oversee daily computer and technology operations and functions in assigned area, provide technical support to staff and students within assigned area relative to academic information technology; provide assistance in the use of Windows and Macintosh computers, instructional technology, adaptive technology and multimedia hardware and software; develop and maintain working knowledge of new systems and applications as new technology is implemented; assist the facilities department as needed with designing, planning refurbishment, remodeling and placement of network drops in smart classrooms and computer labs; provide phone assistance and functionality training for clients as needed. Incumbents must have demonstrated ability to perform the full scope of duties assigned to this classification. Incumbents are assigned to a school within the institution and have responsibility for complex systems and diverse applications. Positions in this classification participate in planning network drop placement and configuration; perform upgrades to the operating systems and applications; maintain the school’s applications, and computer hardware; and must have the knowledge and skills to be able to independently troubleshoot and resolve most problems and perform duties that may require coordination and collaboration with each other as well as with Computer Systems and Services and satellite campuses. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: Oversee the daily operation of assigned laboratories and related areas; coordinate with faculty and staff to prepare assigned labs for the semester; plan, organize, schedule and direct the activities of multiple information systems projects and tasks assigned; prioritize and schedule work; monitor progress of projects; participate in establishing, implementing, and enforcing lab policies and procedures; perform all technical responsibilities relating to support of computers, cabled and wireless networks, instructional technology, adaptive technology and multimedia software and hardware including installations, minor maintenance, repair, upgrades, system setup, hard drive imaging, troubleshooting, and functionality training for clients; order, set up, configure, and maintain specialized equipment and software for resident Career technical programs, e.g., Automotive, Architecture, Networking, Digital Media, Programming, etc.; maintain and verify proper and ongoing operation of assigned cabled and wireless network system; serve as technical contact for assigned campus departments; install and maintain client versions of assigned network system; install, administer, set up, configure, secure, update, back up, troubleshoot and maintain a variety of networked servers and personal computers including those for applications, database, imaging, licensing, file sharing, print management, and time-keeper applications; set up, maintain, and adjust security permissions; install windows updates, operating systems and application updates; create and maintain student accounts on the student domain; add and remove computers to the student domain; administer student servers and troubleshoot errors including network connectivity problems; work with network personnel to ensure proper configuration of network equipment to support various connection needs; troubleshoot network cabling to the telecommunications outlet; Evaluate and recommend purchases for technology equipment; install, operate, and maintain a variety of hardware and software including but not limited to Windows and Macintosh operating systems, specialized software, hard disks, NICs, printers; work with various operating systems as assigned and create automated processing files for disk imaging; install, operate, troubleshoot and perform minor repairs to a variety of instructional technology and multimedia equipment; coordinate group or individual training and support for staff, faculty and administrators on software, hardware, and network needs and issues; provide technical assistance and guidance to students, faculty, and staff; maintain up-to-date, complete, and reliable documentation including written documentation of job procedures and practices and the establishment, development, and revision of safety procedures; maintain records and inventory of hardware and software in assigned areas; provide assistance and back up support to other IT Support Technicians as needed; assist IT personnel with coaching, training, and self-improvement by sharing knowledge and communicating best practices; maintain current knowledge of changing technologies, hardware and software, operating systems, network, instructional technology, multimedia technology and industry practices; pass pre-employment physical if selected for position.
KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF: Principles and practices of computer science, wired and wireless networking, and information technology; principles and practices used in the programming and installation of computers, cabled and wireless networks, instructional technology, adaptive technology and multimedia; operational characteristics of Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and related computers, peripherals, and components; instructional technology and multimedia systems including hardware, software, and peripherals; network systems including TCP-IP, wireless networks, network cabling, hardware, software, and peripherals; telephone, video conferencing, audio, video, and multimedia systems including hardware, software, and peripherals; principles and practices of, student supervision and staff training; office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers and applicable software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and databases; principles and practices of record keeping; oral and written communications skills; methods and techniques of proper phone etiquette; interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy; English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary; health and safety regulations. MUST HAVE ABILITY TO: Plan, organize and oversee computer operations in assigned area; install, operate, repair and maintain computers, wired and wireless networks, instructional technology, and multimedia technology including but not limited to Windows and Macintosh based computers, video conferencing systems, smart classroom systems, and peripheral equipment; provide adaptive technology assistance to students and staff; perform minor maintenance, repair, and upgrades as needed; critique and recommend computer, network, instructional technology, and multimedia hardware and software; adapt to changing technologies and learn functionalities of new equipment and operating systems; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action; work independently with little or no supervision; plan, organize and coordinate work to meet schedules and deadlines; train, supervise and provide direction to Information Technology student assistants; work with and exhibit sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse racial, ethnic, disabled, sexual orientation, and cultural populations of community college students; effectively handle sensitive situations involving dissatisfied individuals; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Any combination equivalent to: A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in computer science, information technology or a related field and one year in a lead or supervisory capacity; OR at least two years of college level course work in computer science, information technology or related field and two years of increasingly responsible work experience as a computer, network or information technology support technician.
DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: This position will be primarily assigned to support technology lab technology for instructional programs in the School of Arts and Communication. Must be able to maintain, support, service, and upgrade software and hardware including networks, servers, computers, consumer products and peripherals necessary to perform demands of curriculum and instruction in these program areas. Must have current knowledge and experience with Apple OSX 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9 operating systems and Apple remote desktop software. Significant working knowledge and skills (preferably from work experience) in at least one or more industry program areas – Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Imaging, Recording Arts and Technology and Telemedia (Cinema Arts). Familiar with Adobe Creative Suite CS6 and Creative Cloud products. Familiar with printing equipment and standards for page layout, wide format printing, toner printing and color management for computers, monitors, printers and papers. Familiar with standards for newspaper publication, Familiar with wireless transfer between mobile devices and computers. Familiar with Eno Boards and smart classroom technologies that interface with Macs.Familiar with DAW software platforms for audio production primarily but not limited to, ProTools, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Reason. Familiar with D/A & A/D converters. Knowledge of: VoIP, MIDIoIP, ipVideo, ipMIDI,UDP/IP, TCP/IP; network switching and Intranets; MIDI and audio interfaces and Midi Timecode. Familiar with Blackmagic systems, Mac compatible plugins, Mac friendly video/audio post-production environments, post-production workflows, codecs, getting Mac computers to work well with a telemedia studio environment
LICENSE OR CERTIFICATE: Industry certifications such as A+, Network+, Microsoft and Apple are desirable.
The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

ENVIRONMENT: Work is performed in either a computer lab, learning resource center, library, smart classroom or office setting with frequent contact with students and staff; may include lab settings with possible exposure to radiation, biohazards and hazardous materials; network closets, telecommunication rooms, possible exposure to dissatisfied individuals and electromagnetic fields generated by computer equipment; extended periods of time viewing computer monitor. PHYSICAL: Primary functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time; to occasionally bend, kneel, crouch; to reach overhead, above shoulders and horizontally; to lift, carry, push, and/or pull moderately heavy computers and related equipment; to use ladder to service ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted devices; dexterity of hands and fingers to operate computer keyboards, multimedia and peripheral equipment for extended periods of time; possible exposure to tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive use of computer keyboard; and to verbally communicate to exchange information. VISION: See in the normal visual range with or without correction to observe computer monitors and read reports; possible exposure to Computer Vision Syndrome from extended viewing of computer monitors. HEARING: Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction.
Range 32, Steps 1-6, $4,930.00-$6,000.00. Initial placement for external applicants is Step 1. An excellent benefits package which includes medical, vision, dental, retirement, vacation, generous sick leave package, and life insurance is available for the employee and eligible dependents.
Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Approximately). Work schedule may be adjusted to meet the needs of the school.
STARTING DATE: As soon as the successful candidate is identified and following the subsequent governing board approval.
All application materials must be received on-line at Position open until filled. Applications received by the first screening deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, August 8, 2014 are guaranteed to be reviewed by the selection committee. Any application received after the deadline is not guaranteed a review.
APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Submit the following application materials on-line:
(1) Letter of application (cover letter)
(2) SWC on-line application
(3) Resume
(4) Two letters of recommendation dated within the past year
(5) Supplemental questionnaire
(6) Unofficial copies of college transcripts showing date degree conferred
It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all application materials are received by the deadline date. A separate, complete application packet is required for each position for which you are applying for.
All materials included in your application packet become District property,
will not be returned, will not be copied, and will be considered for this opening only.
We reserve the right to re-open, re-advertise, delay or cancel filling this position.
As an Equal Opportunity Employer and in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, Southwestern Community College District will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.