Research Assistant I

Nashville, Davidson County
Jul 22, 2014


Provide, under direct supervision, support for specified research projects; collect, assess, and communicate data/results. Assist in general laboratory operation and inventory. The position involves the isolation, separation and analyses of lipid classes.

Preferred Education and Skills:


Some experience with techniques such as thin layer or gas chromatography is desirable, but not essential; likewise experience with analytical techniques is desirable. Excellent organization and recording skills are preferred. The successful applicant will be highly motivated, able to work with others in a team setting, and have good communication skills.


Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Under supervision, run experiments, assays, and record results
    1. Read and follow experimental protocols (May include animal handling, tissue culture, etc.)
    2. Compile and communicate results to supervisor
    3. Follow University safety protocols (may include use of combustibles, radioactivity, toxic material, and/or carcinogenics)
    4. Perform calculations involving molarity, % solutions, and serial dilutions
  2. Prepare and operate equipment in experimental procedures
    1. May include blood gas analyzer, centrifuge, pH meter, spectrophotometer, autoclave, scintillation counter, electrophoresis unit, analytical balance, etc.
    2. Maintain and repair equipment according to manufacturer and university guidelines.
  3. Ensure laboratory is prepared for experiments
    1. Maintain inventories,
    2. Maintain sterile conditions as required
    3. Prepare reagents
    4. Clean equipment.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires a Bachelor's degree in biological science or chemistry or the equivalent.

Job Research

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Medical Center North (MCN)

Organization Diabetes Ctr 104223