Manager Of Administrative Policies

Irvine, Orange County
Jul 22, 2014
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Department: Administrative Policies/recrd
Req No.: 2014-0666
Location: UCI Campus - Irvine

Job Summary

Independently responsible for UCI's administrative policies and procedures program. Responsible for oversight and high-level analysis of administrative policy information originating from a broad range of sources (Regents and Presidential Policies, Office of the President, Delegations of Authority, UC Business & Finance Bulletins, campus divisions, departments and units, etc.). Independently reconstructs information in order to effectively communicate concepts through the centralized Web site. Analyzes and interprets directives, policies, guidelines, procedures, and delegations of authority. Responsible for developing, writing/editing, and publishing campus policy materials and delegations of authority on the Official University Policies & Procedures Web site. Serves as consultative resource to coordinating point offices, faculty, staff, administrators, other UC campuses, and the public. Assists campus departments and administrators in formulating and developing policies and procedures, and ensures that campus documents are consistent with systemwide directives in format and content. Manages the campus Conflict of Interest program.


Salary: Range $67,000 - $97,500

Work Schedule: 8-5, M-F

Career Position.

Final candidate subject to background check.

As a federal contractor, UC Irvine is required to use E-Verify to confirm the work status of individuals assigned to perform substantial work under certain federal contracts/subcontracts.

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Job Description
Job Essential Function 1
Percent of Time: 100%
Independently responsible for UC Irvine's administrative policies and procedures program:- Analyzes and interprets presidential directives, campus guidelines, and delegations of authority as they relate to current and proposed campus practices. Serves as campus authority and research resource for administrative policy and delegation of authority matters.
Assists campus departments and administrators in the specific analysis, formulation and development of policies and procedures for their functional area.
Writes, edits, and publishes policy materials and delegations of authority electronically, ensuring that style and format are consistent with other official University documents.
Designs user interface and maintains all content on a centralized campus Web site that allows access to campus and systemwide policy information.
Manages the Administrative Policies Office records. Coordinate tracking, review, approval, and retention of official, archival documents.
Acts as liaison between Coordination and Review at Office of the President and senior campus officials to arrange review of proposed changes to systemwide policy.
Participates in systemwide policy coordinators group that shares policy concerns and best practices for communicating information to the campus community.
Develops campuswide electronic communications, training programs, and presentations that promulgate policy information with policy development personnel at Office of the President and each of the UC campuses. Serves as resource and consultant on administrative policy matters to coordinating point administrators, faculty, staff, other UC campuses, and the public.
Expertise searching reference materials and gathering data for identification and analysis of problems, potential impacts, and developing resolutions
Expertise in analyzing situations and defining problems/objectives, identifying relevant factors, formulating logical conclusions, and recognizing alternatives
Interpersonal and communication skills to establish constructive working relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization in order to gather information related to business operations and organizational responsibility.
Skill in negotiating: exchanging ideas, information, and opinions with others to formulate policies and programs and/or arrive jointly at decisions, conclusions, or solutions.
Ability to accept equivocal circumstances and take action where answers to a problem are not readily apparent.
Ability to review emerging requirements and assess impact on established policies and procedures.
Analytical skills to interpret and apply federal and State regulations, and systemwide policies and procedures to a variety of circumstances.
Skill in writing grammatically correct and technically precise policies, procedures, and delegations of authority.
Ability to write summaries of gathered information that reflect stylistic consistency, logical organization, and a rational development of content.
Knowledge of current technology and the ability to conceptualize how technology can enhance communication of policy information.
Developed skill in writing for the Web using streamlined language and employing techniques for online (scannable) reading of text while maintaining integrity of the document.
Knowledge of Web communication principles, intranet development, and user interface design.
Skill to organize large quantities of information into categories and create usable organization and navigation systems to support and relate those categories on the Web.
Knowledge of University and campus organizational hierarchy, University information resources, and chain of command to determine what information should be communicated to various levels of management.
Detailed knowledge of information architecture and Web editing software.
Below are general guidelines on the position's physical, mental, and environmental working conditions.
In accordance with applicable state and federal law, UCI provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities upon request. For more information, please contact Human Resources at (949) 824-5210.
Bend: Not Applicable
Squat: Not Applicable
Crawl: Not Applicable
Climb: Not Applicable
Kneel: Not Applicable
Handle Objects: Not Applicable
Push/Pull: Not Applicable
Reach Above Shoulder Level: Not Applicable
Sit: Not Applicable
Stand: Not Applicable
Walk: Not Applicable
Use Fine Finger Movements: Not Applicable
Carry/Lift Loads up to 25 Pounds: Not Applicable
Carry/Lift loads between 25-50 lbs: Not Applicable
Carry/Lift Loads over 50 Pounds: Not Applicable
Read/Comprehend: Constantly
Write: Frequently
Perform Calculations: Occasionally
Communicate Orally: Frequently
Reason and Analyze: Constantly
Chemical/Biological Agent: Not Applicable
Construction Activities: Not Applicable
Contact with Water/Liquids: Not Applicable
Drive Motorized Equipment: Not Applicable
Confined Spaces: Not Applicable
Elevated Work Location: Not Applicable
Radioactive Materials: Not Applicable
Temperature Variations: Not Applicable
Gas System: Not Applicable