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Adair Village, Benton County / Corvallis, Benton County
Jul 22, 2014
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Appointment Type: Administrative/Professional Faculty

Department: Univ Admin Business Ctr 394120 QBC

Position Summary: The University Administrative Business Center (UABC) invites applicants for a full-time (1.0 FTE) 12-month Finance Coordinator position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Business Center Manager.

The Finance Coordinator participates in the analysis, planning, interpreting, and review of a fiscal operation usually involving an overlap or combination of disciplines. The Finance Coordinator performs duties which are concerned primarily with the Accounting and Finance Units of a University Business Center and the translation of past and proposed operations into meaningful and relevant information for use in the overall management process.

Employees use advanced accounting theory to perform such functions as accounting, auditing, analysis, budgeting, reporting payroll, and other types of fiscal operations. Work is characterized by assignment of work, review of work, and correlation of functions into a system of control and management. The Finance Coordinator is responsible for the supervision, performance evaluation, and assignment of duties of classified employees in the unit.

Position Duties: 50% - Accounting and Finance tasks include all or some of the following:

Development tasks: approves and creates policies and procedures for implementation, execution, control, and review/audit of fiscal operation; develops long range planning documents; develops appropriate forms for contracts, agreements; develops or researches manual or automated fiscal reporting/tracking systems; forecasts fiscal needs/commitments; conducts special studies to research and/or justify fiscal requests/needs.

Report(s) tasks: directs the preparation of analysis and evaluates a variety of fiscal reports such as year-end reports, budgetary reports, auditing reports, and recommendations involving both data and narrative reporting and interpreting. May also be involved with preparation of reports, especially forecasts.

Technical Operations tasks: reviews or conducts technical fiscal functions involving accounting, budgeting, payroll, auditing, analysis, grants, purchasing, inventory, etc. assuring that all financial transactions and reporting comply with generally accepted accounting principles, legal compliance with regulations, procedures, and policies.

Payroll tasks: Enter employee time and leave into Banner and review payroll audit reports for accuracy.

Accounting Systems tasks: studies, modifies, and implements or directs implementation of improvements in subsidiary and general accounting systems; applies extensive knowledge of accounts and program relationships, data flow, audit trails, and internal control systems to the efficient and accurate analysis and processing of financial data; designs and implements improved data collection procedures; applies advanced knowledge of GAAP, fund accounting, program regulations, and management requirements in developing and reviewing system output reports.

Accounting tasks: applies advanced accounting theory and knowledge of GAAP, fund accounting, legal requirements, and internal control procedures to develop or analyze accounting and fiscal policies; responsible for determining appropriateness and effectiveness of transactions and that accounting system output properly reflects program or agency operations. Reviews, evaluates, and implements corrective action in response to audit findings.

OSU Foundation tasks: Delegate processing tasks to staff and provide oversight for OSU Foundation transaction processing and account access.

Analysis tasks: evaluates agency programs through comparison of actual performance with planned objectives; researches and determines causative factors in expenditure trends, interprets and interrelates various program trends, formulates and recommends corrective action and/or required policy changes.

Budgeting tasks: develops agency budget or major component of agency budget; forecasts and analyzes revenue and expenditure trends; actively participates in budget policy formulation.

Position Duties (continued): 40% - Supervision tasks:

Manages a section by assigning work, developing work procedures consistent with policy, establishing work schedules, and monitoring work performed by subordinates in order to meet agreed-upon goals, objectives and target dates. Performs supervisory functions for the assigned program, section or unit by interviewing and recommending the hiring of new staff members; providing or arranging for training for subordinates; evaluating subordinates' performance; and recommending personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, or disciplinary action to ensure adequate and competent staffing.

Performs related duties such as conducting staff meetings, preparing written instructions for work assignments, resolving disputes and preparing narrative and statistical reports.

10% - Other

Duties to be assigned by the Accounting Manager or the Business Center Manager. Represent the business center by attending meetings and serving on committees, Provide assistance to campus academic and administrative units.

Working Conditions/Work Schedule:

Minimum/Required Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in accounting or; Twenty four (24) quarter, 16 semester or 240 clock hours of accounting courses and three years of *accounting experience; OR a CPA or PA certificate and three years of *accounting experience.

All courses must be from accredited colleges, universities, or private vocational schools. Transcripts must be submitted for all required and/or related courses.

Accounting experience must include at least 8 of the following:

Creating policies and procedures for fiscal operations.

Assuring that accounting system reflects program/agency operations.

Analyzing impact of regulations/changes on accounting budgeting systems.

Assuring fiscal transactions comply with accepted accounting practices, policies, and procedures.

Formulating and recommending corrective actions as well as accounting system improvements.

Developing and monitoring system generated reports, preparing and distributing a variety of fiscal reports.

Applying computer spreadsheets and accounting software.

Responsibility for an organization's total accounting functions.

Knowledge of governmental and fund accounting.

Analyzing and interpreting financial data.

Applying audit standards to internal procedures.

Communicating technical material orally and in writing.

Solving accounting system and application problems.

Preparing budgetary and GAAP financial statements.

Ensuring compliance with federal/state laws and administrative policies.

This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OAR 576-055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every 24 months.

Preferred (Special) Qualifications: One year of experience providing direct supervision including, but not limited to hiring, firing, evaluating, rewarding, disciplining, coaching, counseling, planning work, assigning work and reviewing work.

Experience working with grants and contracts.

Experience working with Banner FIS.

Experience working with Data Warehouse.

Experience providing customer service regarding governmental finance setting.

Experience with Microsoft Office software.

Experience with Power Point Presentations.

A demonstrated commitment to promote and enhance diversity.

Scholarly Outcomes for Position (academic faculty only):

Posting Date: 07-11-2014

For Full Consideration Date: 07-21-2014

Closing Date: 07-28-2014

Recommended Full-Time Salary Range: $46,600-$79,300

Posting Number: 0012788

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