Requisition Number: 0906144

Department: 04040000-SA-CAREER RESOURCE CENTER

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description: SUMMARY OF POSITION ROLE/RESPONSIBILITIES: Serves as the Administrative Services Manager for the Career Resource Center. The position's principal responsibilities focus on management, oversight of all accounting, personnel, central leave, payroll, administrative, facilities and fiscal management, as well as correspondence activities related to CRC operations. Assists the CRC leadership in the preparation of various administrative, fiscal and personnel reports and studies, as well as other special projects. Provides oversight of administrative procedures and operational support of the Career Resource Center including payroll; leave management; personnel transactions; fiscal oversight of eight diverse state, UF Foundation, auxiliary, agency, and grant accounts; special projects and programs; inventory management; and administrative reporting. Performs the actions or manages, as appropriate, the maintenance of journals, account ledgers, all PeopleSoft reports and records, and the Center's Quick Books Pro parallel accounting system and other computerized accounting applications documenting all financial transactions of the various budgetary categories belonging to the CRC, including several state accounts, auxiliary account, agency and intern accounts, and two UF Foundation accounts. Supervises proper processing of all monies received by the Center, assuring that they are properly safeguarded, documented, and deposited pursuant to existing university guidelines. (20%) Responsible for operation of the PeopleSoft management system for benefit of the Career Resource Center and its staff. Conducts, manages, or supervises all procurement actions to include, but not limited to, the identification of appropriate vendor, negotiation for optimum price and terms, preparation and coordination of purchase orders, acceptance of merchandise, processing of invoice for payment and, when required, taking appropriate action to resolve problems with billing or quality of merchandise. Serves as CRC liaison to other offices (UF, vendors, other academic institutions, etc.) in the resolution of fiscal, personnel, payroll, and other associated matters that involve the two offices. (15%) Responsible for all personnel actions involving Career Resource Center employees. Initiates and/or processes all staff, student and graduate assistant employee personnel actions, including preparation of necessary employment documentation, initial CRC orientation, payroll sign-up and any follow-up actions required during the employee's tenure with the CRC, as well as termination of employment and necessary post-employment actions. Reviews and updates the Student Handbook as necessary. (15%) Responsibility for operation of the PeopleSoft management system for benefit of the CRC and its staff. Collaborates with the Center's leadership to ensure the proper management, distribution, expenditure, deposit, and safeguarding relative to the above referenced accounts vs. the CRC's financial operations. Conducts fiscal analyses and prepares recurring reports documenting the costs associated with full-time staff and part-time graduate/student assistants and provides them to the Director and Associate Directors. (25%) Collaborates with the supervisor or higher authority in the development of fiscal reports, budgets, studies and recommendations for the CRC Director and other decision makers as required for center operations. Conducts research on CRC fiscal activities in concert with the UF Finance & Administration Division and provides printed fiscal reports and recommendations as required. Assists in the drafting and implementation of internal operating procedures and improved operating systems and processes. (10%) Coordinates with the CRC leadership in the management of all travel activities involving the CRC staff, to include but not limited to, assisting the traveler in making travel and accommodation arrangements and securing tickets, preparation of the TA via the PeopleSoft system, provision of travel guidance and documents to the traveler, review of post-travel documentation, entry of the post-travel data into the Expense Report process in PeopleSoft, and ensuring that such travel is properly entered into the Center's financial management system and that travelers do not exceed their allotted travel funds. Assists in the resolution of any travel-associated problems. (10%) Performs other duties as assigned by the Associate Director of the CRC or higher authority. (5%)

Minimum Requirements: Master's degree in an appropriate area of specialization or a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years of appropriate experience.

Preferred Qualifications: In general, a degree in business management or related area is highly desired, coupled with appropriate related experience in the field (consistent with the established class specifications). This position also requires an unusual blend of financial, budget, and accounting knowledge and expertise, with excellent verbal and written communications skills, and the ability to communicate a variety of complex information to both internal and external stake holders. It further requires strong organizational, administrative, and personnel management skills. Strong computer skills and familiarity with excel, budget spreadsheets, databases, and journal entries is a must.

Special Instructions to Applicants: