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Chapel Hill, Orange County
Jul 16, 2014
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Public Policy

Department: Public Policy

Application Deadline: 08/15/2014

Position Summary: The Carolina Institute for Public Policy is seeking a Research Associate that will serve as primary statistician on several multi-disciplinary developmental projects. Context: The Carolina Institute for Public Policy (CIPP) is a center for public policy research and outreach in the areas of social policy (education, nutrition, health, and early childhood development), economic development, public finance, and environmental policy. The Institute staff and Fellows produce rigorous evaluations and research that informs public policy decisions. The Institute is primarily funded through state, federal, and foundation research grants. Currently the Institute researchers provide policy research including multilevel modeling, statistical and analytical databases and data management for a variety of policy research with a concentration in education policy. The Institute currently includes several faculty researcher fellows, one qualitative researcher, two post doctoral researchers, and several graduate research associates, but needs an additional high level quantitative investigator to conduct rigorous analysis of the impacts of state and federal policies using longitudinal data and experimental and comparison group designs. Typical projects would include analysis of the impacts of teacher preparation on student achievement growth curves and evaluation of interventions such as the Race to the Top initiative, and other educational interventions.

Education Requirements: Relevant post-Baccalaureate degree required in Public Policy, Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology or other social science discipline with a strong background in longitudinal data analysis, rigorous research design and implementation, statistics and econometrics. Will accept a relevant undergraduate degree and 5 or more years of relevant experience in substitution.

Qualification and Experience: At least five years experience as a quantitative research associate or statistician, preferably working with education data. The research associate must be experienced in working as a collaborator with researchers and must have a comprehensive knowledge of evaluation research design, causal inference, and longitudinal data analysis using complex multi-level models. Other experience should include coordinating the statistical and data management components of multiple research projects simultaneously. Proficient computer skills including, UNIX, SAS STATA SPSS required. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to present findings to a variety of audiences required.

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