QA Analyst II

Nashville, Davidson County
Jul 15, 2014
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Technology, IT Support & Training


Under general guidance, oversees and conducts formative evaluations  and summative usability tests to meet development  and regulatory requirements. Collaborates in the analysis of test results. Has advanced knowledge of usability test and evaluation methods including automated data capture and analysis. Coordinates  usability test simulations  that require input from clinical and technical experts. Carries out all phases of the Usability test and evaluation process to ensure that all HIT user interfaces meet institution standards and end-user requirements. Responsible for identifying appropriate  resources needed, assembling the evaluation  team, defining and gaining approval on the testing requirements, assigning individual testing responsibilities, defining detailed test scenarios that meet the testing requirements, developing  and documenting the test plan, recruiting appropriate participants  and tracking, managing and conducting  the tests, collating test results, and writing usability test reports. Demonstrates good verbal and written communication skills, organization, and teamwork skills. Responsible for continuous  improvement  of usability test and evaluation  processes and procedures.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

1. With limited direction, coordinate and oversee all phases of the usability test and evaluation processes according to industry best practices
  • Establish Usability Test Requirements which includes: identifying testing resources, assembling  the testing team, initiating testing effort by distributing project documents  and scheduling test team meetings; working with Project Teams to establish criteria (requirements) for testing and for evaluating  test results.
  • Establish Usability Test Plan which includes: developing detailed usability test scenarios with the test team that meet defined usability requirements; determining  how each test scenario should be tested, and reach consensus  on testing assignments; distributing a written test plan to the Testing Team and the Project Team; collating feedback and finalizing the test plan.
  • Perform Usability Testing which includes: developing and orchestrating the test environment, identifying and recruiting test participants, scheduling  test sessions, obtaining consent from participants, orienting participants, facilitating  usability test sessions, marking up Morea data and video­ recording files, extracting error rates, task times, pathway deviation ratios from recorded data, collating and analyzing all test data, working with test team to interpret test data, reporting and documenting  test results in the Common  Industry Format (CIF), and continuously and consistently communicating testing status to the Project Manager, Project Team, Implementations Team, and the Testing Team.
  • Perform Project Close-Out which includes: attending go-live meetings and participate in project closeout meetings to evaluate production problems; obtaining feedback from the Testing Team regarding the testing process, analyzing current testing process and refining process for continued improvement.
2. Actively identify and participate in training, education and development activities to improve own knowledge and performance to sustain and enhance professional development.
  • Keep current on usability testing practices especially as applied to emerging technologies  (advanced clinical decision support; multi-platform applications).
  • Keep current on Vanderbilt University Medical Center organization and goals relevant to job responsibilities.
  • Maintain skills commensurate  with job expectations.
  • Commit to and facilitate HITS and CRISS vision, values and strategic objectives.
3. Demonstrate good team building skills.
  • Actively participate in appropriate Center and Team Meetings.
  • Readily volunteer to assist fellow team members as needed.
  • Promote constructive formal and informal information sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration.
4.Demonstrate good communication skills.
  • Effectively communicate using all media, and both oral and written communication.
  • Use appropriate communication to achieve optimum results. This includes selecting the correct level of detail and communication method for the situation and audience.
  • Effectively communicate in a group setting, using both formal and informal presentation techniques.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills by actively listening and responding.
  • Demonstrate proactive professional communication  with others, addressing any issues directly and diplomatically  with the individual before escalating.
5. Create manual and automated test scripts.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of usability test scenarios.
  • Pilot test usability test scenarios with clinical experts to ensure that they capture key context of use characteristics
  • Recommend  and analyze changes to new features in relation to application test strategies.
6. Participate in defining and continuously improving quality assurance

processes and procedures.

  • Establish improvements  to existing usability test and evaluation processes and procedures to ensure successful implementation from test to production environment.
  • Document usability test processes and procedures.
  • Report progress on problem resolution to management.
7. Train, mentor, and assist co-workers, subordinates, and students.
  • Train, mentor, and assist co-workers, subordinates, and students in the conduct of usability evaluations
  • Train, mentor, and assist co-workers, subordinates, and students in their productive interaction with HITS and other VUMC entities.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 4 years of experience or the equivalent.

Job Information Technology

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Medical Arts

Organization Anesthesiology 104300