Campus Safety Officer

Bennington, Bennington County / Woodford, Bennington County
Jul 14, 2014
The Campus Safety Officer is responsible for the safety and security of College property, facilities, students, personnel, and visitors. The Campus Safety Officer responds to and addresses safety and security-related concerns and ensures the College and Department policies and procedures are followed. The position works with all College departments, students, faculty and staff. External relationships include, but are not limited to law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services and other campus guests and visitors. There is currently an opening for a Full-time Campus Safety Office. The hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 4pm - 12am. General Responsibilities 1. Protect and provide assistance to students, faculty, staff and visitors/guests. Use appropriate judgment to ensure adherence to College policies and procedures while promoting a positive, cooperative, congenial atmosphere. 2. Maintain a calm and supportive demeanor and a high level of professionalism and confidentiality at all times. Maintain regular, effective, timely and professional communication with the Assistant Director and/or Director of Campus Safety as needed. Communicate potential shift coverage issues to supervisor immediately. 3. Protect College property from crime, fire, vandalism and accidents. Perform safety patrols in vehicle and on foot. Secure buildings and property. Report maintenance problems observed or informed of to the appropriate department. Enforce safety, traffic, and parking regulations. Assist with pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow as needed. 4. Maintain proper care of campus safety vehicles and equipment, including taking reports of deficiencies, updating the Vehicle Maintenance Log. Report any deficiencies to Associate Director or Director of Campus Safety in a timely manner. 5. Provide timely response to service calls including, but not limited to, offering directions, transportation or escort assistance, building and vehicle lock-outs, vehicle assistance and building access. Respond to routine telephone inquiries and act as backup to Campus Safety Coordinator as needed. 6. Act as First Responder during emergencies and serve as the liaison between the College and outside agencies such as law enforcement, fire, or EMS. Immediately notify Assistant Director or Director of Campus Safety of call to outside agency. Conduct weekly maintenance of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units. 7. Conduct thorough investigations to gather all pertinent information. Write reports on accidents, incidents, suspicious activities, safety, and fire hazards/alarms and other safety and security related situations. File complete and accurate reports prior to the conclusion of next scheduled shift. Attend judicial hearings as required. 8. Perform additional duties as assigned. Qualifications 1. High school graduate or equivalency required. Campus safety and/or law enforcement experience preferred. 2. Must have valid driver’s license. Successful completion of a background/DMV check required. Current certifications in First Aid and Adult CPR with AED preferred. 3. Must be able to walk for extended periods of time to conduct patrols of foot in both heat and cold. Must be able to climb several flights of stairs repeatedly. 4. Must be willing to travel to attend training courses as assigned. 5. Basic computer proficiency in Microsoft Windows-based applications required. Ability to adapt to and use changing technology. 6. Must be effective and work well in a collaborative environment. Excellent organizational skills and the ability to set priorities and multi-task in a fast-paced setting required. 7. Strong verbal and written communication skills required, including ability to negotiate and resolve conflict. Able to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization. 8. Must be able to remain calm during stressful situations and accept sensitive or confidential information appropriately. 9. Must have a high attention to detail and be able to work independently with limited supervision. Working conditions and physical demands This position primarily works both inside and outdoors and may be exposed to inclement weather, extreme temperatures and unpredictable situations. Work requires standing, bending, reaching, stooping, climbing stairs, walking, and driving. Work may involve strenuous physical activity/contact. Occasional long shifts required. Please apply with a letter of interest and resume to Bennington College is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity.