Sr. Research Associate

Chapel Hill, Orange County
Jul 11, 2014

Department: Cell Biology & Physiology - Historical

Application Deadline: 11/09/2014

Position Summary: The laboratory is primarily focused on understanding the biological basis for neurodevelopmental disorders, and we aim to develop therapeutics for these disorders. This position will be responsible for helping to lead a research effort at discovering therapeutics for Rett syndrome, primarily through the implementation of small molecule screens. Towards this end, the individual who fills this position will be expected to oversee a mouse colony, prepare neuron cultures, order supplies, make solutions, and perform a variety of molecular and biochemical procedures. Responsibilities include guiding a major research project for the development of Rett therapeutics, performing independent experiments, mouse colony maintenance, genotyping, and writing portions of grants.

Education Requirements: M.S. required in biological sciences, genetics, or neuroscience

Qualification and Experience: Must have M.S. in Biology or related field. Must have at least 8 years of laboratory experience. Must have expertise in mouse colony management, preparation of neuronal cultures, PCR, mouse genotyping, mouse behavior, immunohistochemistry, DNA cloning, Western blotting, and the development of shRNA constructs. Must have experience to train and supervise lab staff and students. Must be able to work very independently.

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