Teacher III

Nashville, Davidson County
Jul 11, 2014



Key Functions and Expected Performances:


Maintains a clean, safe, orderly learning environment which contributes to children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

  • Follows policies and procedures established by TN DOE and the health department.
  • Conscientiously supervises children.
  • Establishes and implements behavior management in accordance with a Positive Behavior Support approach.
  • Supports the growing independence of each child by creating opportunities to participate in their classroom community.

Provides educational services in a manner consistent with compliance requirements.

  • Plans and implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum following NAEYC criteria, DEC recommended practices, TN DOE standards, and SGS policies.
  • Embeds early learning standards, IEP/IFSP goals, and NAEYC guidelines into daily activities and routines.
  • Consistently meets requirements for timely filling of documentation as required.
  • Consults with after care coordinator as need to provide input on curriculum and individual child supports.

Collaborates with classroom team members to plan and implement daily curriculum and individual education plans.

  • Participates in classroom team meetings or leads under guidance of Teacher 4 of SGS administration.
  • Leads classroom planning meetings.
  • Creates and follow a Classroom Roles and Responsibilities matrix to share responsibility of daily tasks and activities.

Collaborates with children's extended educational teams to plan assessments, data collection needs, and develop educational plan.

  • Develops educational plan according to DIDD regulations and SGS policies.
  • Participates in IFSP/IEP development and meetings upon request.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of a transition plan.

Completes educational assessments using measures appropriate for the child

  • Uses approved assessment tools to collect information regarding current levels of performance for all children in the classroom.
  • Develops and maintains an ongoing data collection system to support observations of development and behaviors.
  • Collects data on progress towards individual goals developed by educational team.
  • Uses data to inform instructional planning.
  • Reports progress to parents according to DIDD requirements.

Develops and maintains positive relationships with parents.

  • Interacts with parents in a friendly, professional manner
  • Schedule and prepare for parent-teacher conferences twice a year or more frequently as needed.
  • Provide communication from school to home including daily notes, weekly classroom newsletters, and school-wide updates.
  • Respond to parent communication in a timely manner (typically within one school day).

Evaluates effectiveness of daily curriculum, classroom team efficiency, and individual educational plans on a regular basis.

  • Discusses and recruits input regarding progress of all aspects of classroom (curriculum, teaming, and children) at team meetings, determine areas of need for improvement, and formulate possible solutions.
  • Seeks outside resources (SGS admin, faculty, consult therapists) as necessary to meet classroom, educational team, and child needs.

Mentors and supports students working within the classroom environment.

  • Facilitates positive experiences for student workers, student volunteers, and practicum students at all levels
  • Models desired practices for interactions with children (group or individual), preparation of the environment, and interactions with families.
  • Observes and provides feedback about the use of desired practices.
  • Maintains balance of child needs and student requirements when planning for student interactions with individual children.
  • Provides students with information needed to complete assignments.
  • Assigns all students duties as necessary.

Mentors and supports staff working within the classroom environment

  • Model desired practices for interactions with children (group or individual), preparation of the environment, and interactions with families.
  • Observe and provide feedback about the use of desired practices in the classroom.
  • Provide training to classroom staff as needed under guidance of Teacher 4 or SGS Administration.

Displays a commitment to the early childhood field

  • Meets all mandated continuing education requirements
  • Participates in professional development opportunities provided by SGS (staff meetings, inservices).
  • Seeks external professional development opportunities, including participation in professional organizations as members and event attendees.

Displays Professionalism

  • Follows guidelines and policies of SGS and Vanderbilt University.
  • Upholds child confidentiality.
  • Interacts with children, parents, other staff, outside therapists, students, and administration respectfully.
  • Upholds the SGS philosophy.
  • Contributes to overall success of the school and share its commitment to the four-fold mission to service, training, research, and demonstration.

Completes additional responsibilities as assigned by the SGS administration.

  • Flexibly participates in school-wide coverage plan to ensure smooth operation of the entire SGS program including early care, after care program, and special school events.

Basic Qualifications

Preferred Education, Skills, and Experiences:

  • Teaching Licensure in Early Childhood Special Education strongly preferred
  • Master's Degree required and 2 years' experience or the equivalent
  • Experience with children aged 1-5 required
  • Experience working with children with developmental and/or physical disabilities preferred

Job Child Care

Primary Location TN-Nashville-One Magnolia Circle

Organization Susan Gray School 126500