Vice Provost for Digital Learning

New York City, New York (Manhattan) County
Jul 10, 2014
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Teachers College, Columbia University, is seeking a Vice Provost for Digital Learning. The position advises on strategic direction and use of technology to broaden TC's offerings and practices. In view of both the opportunities and the challenges of the new digital landscape of education that has emerged in the 21st century, the Vice Provost leads and supports efforts to provide vibrant, relevant, growing, and financially successful professional education programs while adhering to the mission and values of Teachers College. Collaborating with academic colleagues, the Vice Provost facilitates the most enlightened use of technology to enhance faculty success in teaching and student success in learning. The Vice Provost for Digital Learning reports directly to the Provost and Dean of the College. Responsibilities: Work with academic departments to develop new and especially non-credit program offerings: Identify existing TC courses and pedagogy appropriate for the professional education market, along with helping faculty to experiment with new ways of offering traditional programming including doctoral study. Assist the faculty in re-packaging semester-based courses to create effective and appealing offerings that can be offered in different formats, settings and time frames. Determine schedule and pricing options for new offerings. Evaluate educational outcomes and help to refine programs accordingly. Lead programs to support faculty in selecting and using technology to enhance TC's offerings for new or re-packaged programming. Manage a professional education team that includes business analysts, digitization advisors, and marketing experts. Provide project management support for collaborations with faculty experts and researchers, technology resources, and third-party partners. Supervise inbound and outbound marketing to maximize reach and revenue. Facilitate quantitative and qualitative evaluation of projects by TC's interdisciplinary researchers. Minimum Qualifications: Expertise in TC's Work: Expertise in one or more of these areas: teacher preparation, the learning sciences, leadership, next generation learning, and health education. Management: Proven success in managing teams to achieve ambitious goals, including developing and executing business plans. Technology Project Leadership: Experience in planning, leading, and managing technology projects, including collaborating with peers to achieve desired outcomes, meeting budget and scheduling goals, and tracking and reporting on progress to senior management. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Takes initiative and actively seeks to identify and implement innovative strategies for achieving project objectives. Relationship Building: Skilled at establishing and cultivating strong relationships across different levels of an organization and externally. Professional Education Interest: Interest in the professional education field, including professional development and continuing education, as a strategy to improve educational practices. Preferred Qualifications: Graduate degree. At least 2 years experience teaching or working in or with schools. Significant experience building digital experiences. Passionate about the universal importance of education for all. Experience with a start-up or other innovative entity.