Director of Human Resources

Mount Pleasant, Titus County
Jul 07, 2014

Education Required: Master’s Degree (Preferred), Bachelor’s degree required in Business, Human Resources, Education, or other related discipline; at least five (5) years in the areas of personnel management or related field; must have working knowledge of computer technology and payroll software applications/systems; experience in higher education is highly preferred; general knowledge of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; strong interpersonal and communication skills are required; must possess the ability to collaborate with diverse individuals, groups, and organizations; strong organizational and analytical skills are important.

Experience and Other Qualifications

Required: The Director of Human Resources provides college-wide leadership for all aspects of the human resources functions including employment opportunities, recruitment and staff of positions, employment compensation, benefits and payroll procedures. The director is responsible for interpreting and ensuring compliance with federal and state rules and regulations. The director is also responsible for implementing fair hiring and employment practices in accordance with institution policies and procedures. The director serves as the advisor to the President, Cabinet members, Hiring Recommendation Committees and other employees in the implementation of human resources management policy and practice.

Description of Job Duties:

  • Direct all employee activities and assist official in recruiting and staffing positions; post job vacancy announcements; review applications; may interview and screen applicants for positions. Assist with the selection of screening committee membership. Support employment process within all areas. Maintain job files on positions.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and institutional policies and guidelines regarding employment activities and affirmative action. Prepare reports, graphs and charts as required in support of personnel operations. Prepare annual EEOC reports. Respond to Texas Workforce Commission notices.
  • Administer all aspects of the Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) insurance program. Advise employees on procedures for enrollment, filing of claims, and transfer of benefits. Prepare monthly insurance reports and reconciliation.
  • Supervise payroll and HR personnel. Review and coordinate payroll procedures with Senior HR Generalist. Ensure compliance with institutional, state and federal requirements in payroll procedures, computations and deductions.
  • Interpret and administer rules and regulations for state of Texas retirement programs. Responsible for vesting information regarding terminated and retired employees. Responsible for monthly reports and the preparation of annual reports.
  • Serve as custodian of all employee personnel records. Maintain confidential office files.
  • Maintain and update salary schedules. Prepare faculty and administrative contracts based on President’s recommendation and Board of Trustees approval. Responsible for analyzing job descriptions and recommending placement on salary schedule.
  • Serve as Title IX and ADA coordinator.
  • Serve as an advisor to the College President concerning human resources and related matters.
  • Serve on the grievance committee, professional development committee and other committee as assigned.
  • Prepare or direct preparation of personnel documents
  • Assist and monitor personnel interventions, developmental and disciplinary. Recommend human resource-related actions to supervisors. Conduct research and assessment as needed.
  • Oversee fair and equitable administration of the performance review process.
  • Maintain the College Personnel Policies manual.
  • Develop and maintain Guidelines for Employment Selection Process. Conduct training on same for employees.
  • Monitor departmental budget that supports employee benefits. Approve appropriate expenditures.
  • Responsible for institutional payroll and benefits budget development. Critical need to understand the budgeting/allocation process for state agencies.
  • Assist administration with in-service training for employees in areas such as benefits, performance appraisals, service standards, and other areas of interest.
  • Assist administration in carrying out the mission and goals of the college.
  • Make administrative decisions, have assigned signatory authority and independently perform human resources functions.
  • Delegated responsibility for classification recommendations and assisting in employee appeals.
  • Requires strong leadership and interpersonal skills such as tact and diplomacy.
  • Expertise in communicating effectively both orally and in writing is required.
  • Analytical, organizational, reasoning, supervisory and problem solving skills.
  • Demands flexibility and the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to anticipate problems, exercise good judgment, and develops and applies solutions effectively.
  • May exceed 40 hours per week on a consistent basis, including evenings and weekends.
  • Visible and available on campus during the standard 40 hour week.
  • Available as necessary via phone, email and text including weekends and evenings.

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Resume's are not excepted without a full on-line application, Cover letter, 2 Letters of Reference, and Transcripts (Copies/unofficial)