Program Manager, Cumberland Pediatric Foundation

Nashville, Davidson County
Jul 03, 2014


Provides strategic leadership for the creation, coordination, execution and growth of very large, complex events or programs/services that are expected to experience significant change, expansion or evolution over time. Provides supervision and management of multiple staff members working to support the events or program/service.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Directs long-range strategic planning for the event or program/service, including the setting of goals and objectives. Also manages the day to day operations of the event or program/service.
    1. Develops long range strategic plans, goals and objectives in accordance with mission of the event or program/service, the institution and other stakeholders.
    2. Determines the content and details of the event or program/service.
    3. Creates and implements policies and procedures affecting the event or program/service.
    4. Oversees the collection, compilation, and analysis of program activity data against goals, objectives and timelines.
    5. Develops and implements improvements to the event or program/service.
    6. Researches trends and implements strategies to promote continued improvements, growth and expansion of the event or program/service.
  2. Develops, manages and implements public relations efforts for the event or program/service.
    1. Manages the dissemination of news and information about the event or program/service to relevant audiences internally and externally.
    2. Provides information on the program in response to inquiries from the media, the general public, faculty, staff, students, educators and other audiences.
    3. Assures program contract and/or regulatory compliance.
    4. Acts as spokesperson for the event or program/service in local media.
  3. Oversees the planning and execution of the event or program/service.
    1. Oversees the development of the overall logistical plan necessary to successfully carry out the event or program/service.
    2. Provides technical and/or professional leadership in the execution of day-to-day program/project activities.
    3. Writes specifications, negotiates and monitors agreements for the procurement of services, supplies and equipment, according to University Purchasing policies and guidelines.
    4. Assures compliance with applicable institutional, state and federal policies, regulations and laws.
    5. Provides guidance on the appropriate documentation of the event or program/service to ensure compliance with Vanderbilt policies and procedures, as well as those of the funding source, if external.
    6. Develops, writes, and presents comprehensive statistical and narrative program reports.
  4. Designs, implements, and manages financial development of the event or program/service.
    1. Forecasts, analyzes, prepares and implements annual budgets.
    2. Has full budgetary accountability for the event or program/service.
    3. Prepares monthly status reports on all accounts.
    4. Oversees financial well-being of the event or program/service by analyzing cost effectiveness and exercising cost controls.
    5. Approves and monitors budget expenditures.
    6. Provides direction and oversight for fund raising activities and events.
    7. May write grant and contract proposals to develop funding sources.
  5. Manages staff, students and volunteers supporting the event or program/service.
    1. Makes employment decisions including hiring, transfer, promotion and termination decisions consistent with Human Resource policies.
    2. Defines the qualifications and performance expectations for all staff positions through the Performance Development system, including department specific job descriptions and measurable performance standards.
    3. Coordinates or provides for the training of staff as needed.
    4. Assigns and reviews the work of direct reports and other staff supporting the program.
    5. Conducts annual performance evaluations for staff and student workers.
    6. Provides constructive performance feedback to staff and students, and mentors staff as appropriate.
  6. Grants Management
    1. Conducts grant research to find potential funding opportunities.
    2. May assist in writing grant proposals based upon established guidelines.
    3. Tracks and monitors expenditures against budget.
    4. Submits progress reports to funding source and/or Program Director.

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Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 3 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-DOT - VCH Doctor's Office Tower

Organization Cumberland Ped Foundation 908613