IACUC Protocol Analyst

Nashville, Davidson County
Jul 03, 2014


Under the supervision of the Director and Associate Director of the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance(OAWA), the protocol analyst will assist the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) with activities related to the submission, review, and approval of IACUC protocols. Job responsibilities are to ensure that the continuity and consistency of the protocol review and approval process is maintained throughout the life of the protocol. The protocol analysts will partner with post-approval compliance monitors to facilitate the protocol process from submission to completion.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Has a working knowledge of federal regulations and IACUC policies and procedures and has an understanding of basic scientific procedures to facilitate animal welfare recommendations.
    1. Prepares, processes and reviews new research proposals, amendments and continuing review applications according to applicable institutional/departmental policies and federal regulations.
      1. Performs comprehensive pre-review according to IACUC policies and procedures
      2. Facilitates the protocol review and approval process according to the IACUC policies and procedures
      3. Assumes responsibility for all aspects of the protocol life-cycle including: submission, approval, modifications, annuals, expiration and renewal.
      4. Assists the researcher in the general development of the protocol, meets with researcher regarding protocol concerns and serves as an internal consultant to the VU research community.
      5. Communicates with reviewer(s) to facilitate the protocol process, as necessary.
      6. Interprets and summarizes committee discussion, reviewer(s) comments and provides information for the committee related questions to return to researcher.
    2. Attends and participates in the IACUC Full Committee Meetings.
      1. Facilitates IACUC Committee Meetings according to institutional and departmental policies and procedures and federal regulations.
      2. May serve as a voting member (non-scientist) of the VU IACUC fulfilling all the requirements necessitated by that position.
    3. Identifies and participates in training, education, and development activities to improve personal knowledge and performance to sustain and enhance professional development.
      1. Demonstrates a positive attitude in response to suggestions for improvement.
      2. Effectively applies analytical/problem solving skills and continuous quality improvement (CQI) tools and methods in daily work activities
      3. Demonstrates initiative in prioritizing and completing tasks and solving problems.
    4. Other duties as assigned.

      Basic Qualifications

      Job requires Associates and 4 years of experience or the equivalent.

      Job Research

      Primary Location TN-Nashville-Medical Center North (MCN)

      Organization Office of Animal Welfare Assur 104087