Research Assistant I

Nashville, Davidson County
Jul 03, 2014


Part-time (20 hour per week) Research Assistant I for the Center for Quality Aging.  Position needed to assist in the development of innovative interventions to improve quality of care and quality of life for older adults in a variety of care settings including, but not limited to, the following: Hospital and Emergency care, assisted living, post-acute care and long term care.                                
Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:       
1. Work directly with elderly residents and staff in the long term care setting as part descriptive and randomized, controlled trial research studies.    
2. Work effectively as part of a research team to ensure accurate data collection, data entry and data summary reports
3. Provide feeding assistance during meals and snack or supplement delivery between meals to elderly nursing home residents on a daily basis as either part of an initial evaluation assessment or intervention.                          
4. Enter data using SPSS statistical software and conduct basic descriptive analyses.
5. Complete required Institutional Review Board training related to research with human subjects.                         
6. Interview nursing home staff related to staffing levels and care activity assignment. 
7. Assist in training new research staff in all research protocols.                                 
8. Conduct the following standardized protocols for data collection:  Meal/Between-Meal observations in a long term care setting to monitor nutritional intake of the resident and nutritional care provision by staff; conduct weighed intake methods of served foods and fluids and enter these data into a nutrition software program under the supervision of Registered Dietitians; administer the standardized                          
Geriatric Depression Scale and Mini Mental State Exam assessments; administer a standardized Nutrition interview form to assess the satisfaction and preferences of long term care residents related to dining.
9.  Other duties as assigned.                      
This position requires a Bachelor's Degree.  A degree in any of the following fields is strongly preferred: behavioral/social sciences (psychology, sociology, social work, gerontology) or medicine/health (pre-med, nursing, nutrition).                         

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's degree or the equivalent.

Job Research

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Medical Center East (MCE) - North Tower

Organization Health Services Research 104357