Associate Director of Research

Chapel Hill, Orange County
Jul 03, 2014

Department: Genetics

Application Deadline: 08/02/2014

Position Summary: The Associate Director of Research will be responsible for the support and execution the Sullivan Lab and the Center for Psychiatric Genomics (CPG) mission. The position will report directly to Dr. Sullivan. Effort will be focused on the completion of novel and integrative research initiatives across multiple national and international sites. This will entail considerable skills in project management and strategic planning. This person will identify and promote collaborative research both within UNC and worldwide, coordinate proposal activities, and organize, co-write and submit relevant institutional grants to be administered by Dr. Sullivan. This position will be responsible for project management in the overall center and activities including but not limited to: day-to-day lab and center operations, UNC and worldwide collaborative efforts, grant portfolio management, and research projects from concept, implementation, completion, and scientific presentation.

Education Requirements: PhD in biology, genetics, or a related biomedical field or an MD in related fields with minimum 5- 10 years research experience

Qualification and Experience: 5-10 years' experience in genetic, biotech or pharmaceutical research. Ideally, the successful completion of a post-doctoral fellowship (or equivalent). Demonstrated expertise with the design, conduct, and completion of a range of biological investigations. Familiarity (minimum 1 year) with biomedical research efforts at UNC or a similar institution. Familiarity (minimum 2 yrs) with academic research procedures such as grant contract acquisition, proposal development, and scientific presentations. Excellent interpersonal skills. Excellent written and oral communication skills including but proven grant and manuscript writing. Proven successful project management of complex scientific collaborations. Highly self-motivated with the capacity readily to identify creative and effective solutions to complex problems.

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