Athletics Manager-Community Relations/Marketing

United States, North America
Jul 02, 2014
About The Unit: At the University of Chicago, the philosophy of the intercollegiate athletic program directly supports the College's commitment to excellence. Intercollegiate athletics are considered a component of a liberal education, complementary to its central academic mission. A diverse, challenging athletic program supplements the rigorous academic curriculum. The lessons learned through athletic endeavors represent an invaluable part of the nonacademic aspects of a balanced education. The primary focus of the intercollegiate athletic program is the student athlete. The goal is a positive educational experience. Participation in the intercollegiate athletic program should enhance an individual's personal, educational, and social development. Achieving this goal is based on a commitment to excellence. The Department maintains an environment that supports the student athletes' commitment to achieving their full potential. The arena in which this occurs is the competitive environment. The preparation for, and participation in, intercollegiate athletic competition creates a focal point for learning and provides valuable feedback on the progress of development.

Unit Job Summary: Athletics Manager-Community Relations/Marketing: Assist in the management of the University of Chicago's athletic and recreational facilities. Oversee the weekend management of the facilities. Coordinate and oversee the use and rental of the facilities by non-departmental organizations. Supervise personnel needed to perform these tasks. Coordinate the department's facilities risk management program. Coordinate the event management responsibilities for all events. Coordinate membership marketing efforts. Weekend oversight of the controlled access of the indoor/outdoor athletic/recreational facilities (opening the facilities, serving as the Athletic Facilities Manager on duty, supervising full-time union and student staff, enforcing policies and procedures, addressing member issues, etc.). Responsible for coordinating the use of the athletic facilities for non-departmental organizations (both UC and non-UC groups and organizations); this includes scheduling, determining facility needs and personnel, determining rental fees and costs associated with the event, creating contractual agreements, billing, etc. Coordinate the facilities risk management program to include: responding to incidents and accidents reports; working as the liaison with the UC Police Department and the Office of Risk Management and Safety; creating and teaching security and emergency response protocols for the department; oversight of AEDs, eye wash stations and first aid kits; teaching AED, CPR and First Aid certification classes to facilities staff members; oversight of the controlled-access hardware (turnstile, ving card readers, door hardware, etc.); management of our key inventory; etc. Personnel supervision: Hire, train, schedule, supervise, evaluate, and discipline the Assistant Facilities Managers responsible for evening and weekend supervision of the facilities, as needed. On the weekends, oversee the student staff as well as the full-time union employees who work on the weekends (Athletic Aides, Locker Room Attendants, Lifeguards, front desk staff, fitness center staff, etc.) Coordinate event management responsibilities for all events: follow guidelines and procedures that have been established for planning for and overseeing events, including oversight of Athletic Aides, ticket takers, event security, custodians, etc. at assigned events. Serve as the event manager on duty at most events. Coordinate membership marketing efforts: Plan and implement the membership sales marketing efforts. Create and coordinate the distribution of marketing materials. Promote membership sales at University and Hospital fairs. Plan and implement various membership activities. Develop relationships with University and Hospital Human Resources Offices, Department HR officers, etc. Publish a membership newsletter, brochure, renewal materials, etc. Maintain a web page with relevant membership information. Public relations: Develop a strong working relationship with department staff members, vendors, and outside groups using the facilities. Develop a strong customer service rapport with students and members. Other duties as assigned: Attend and participate in a weekly Facilities Management meeting. Special projects as assigned. The schedule/hours for this position is Wednesday?Friday 9 am?6 pm, Saturday?Sunday 7:30 am ? 4 pm.

Unit Education: Bachelor's degree required. CPR/AED and First Aid certifications required. Advanced degree preferred.

Unit Experience: Relevant experience required. Supervisory experience preferred. Experience with contractual agreements preferred. Experience as an event coordinator preferred.

Unit Job Function Competencies: Strong oral and written communication skills required. Strong computer skills required. Ability to multi-task with frequent interruptions required. Ability to move quickly between various facility sites required. Ability to perform occasional manual labor required. Ability to work with a diverse population of students required. Understanding of and willingness to be "on-call" outside of traditional work day hours required. Ability to work a non-traditional work day/week schedule required. Willingness to work evenings and weekends required. Basic accounting skills preferred for the Membership Services related positions preferred.