Multiple Doctorate of Physical Therapy Faculty Positions Available

Austin, Travis County
Jun 23, 2014
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Essential Tasks/Responsibilities: 1. Oversees course management a. Prepares and delivers course instruction as assigned b. Maintains class/lab environment conducive to learning c. Monitors student progress; gives feedback and advisement as necessary; facilitates student participation in learning activities d. Assesses student performance on practical and/or examinations e. When pertinent, communicates with lab assistant regarding student difficulties or issues that arise and to ensure consistent content and testing and to recommend changes for upcoming semester f. Submits grades, course evaluations, etc as required; uses student learning assessment evidence to improve teaching and course effectiveness g. Collaborates with St. Augustine and San Marcos faculty to ensure consistency; suggest changes, etc 2.Advisementa.Advises entry-level students with academic and/or personal issues 3.Scholarship a. Sets scholarship plan, implements plan as prescribed by accreditation standards b. Participates in journal club activities; stays current with content expertise 4.Service a. Participates in university governance, curriculum planning, and functions to support development and growth of the institution b. Serves on programmatic and university committees as assigned c. Serves as university liaison in community and/or professional activities 5. Upholds student and resident faculty handbook policies and University policies/procedures 6. Exhibits professional behavior that supports University’s core values by modeling such behaviors inside and outside the classroom setting 7. Completes annual self-evaluation of faculty performance; sets goals for improvement; participates in faculty development activities 8. Utilizes release time productively for clinical practice, professional development, and scholarly endeavors 9. Other responsibilities as assigned by program director External Requirements Multiple openings with an immediate need of specialties in the content are of: •Neuroscience •Anatomy / Physiology •Pediatrics / Child Development Qualifications (Competencies): 1. Expertise in the area being taught; maintaining content currency through clinical or research endeavors 2. Excellent organization and time management skills 3. Excellent oral communication skills 4. Professional role model 5. Able to provide a nurturing, respectful learning environment 6. Responsive to adult learner needs 7. Working knowledge of educational theory and motor skill development 8. Able to work in a team environment with a focus on clinical excellence 9. Able to accept and implement constructive criticism Education/Experience: 1. Post-professional Master's degree or higher with demonstrated expertise in the area being taught 2. Terminal Degree preferred 3. Prior teaching experience preferred 4. Experience in scholarly activity preferred