Instructor - Industrial Maintenance

Madison, Dane County
Jun 20, 2014
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Tenured & Tenure-Track
Madison Area Technical College

Instructor - Industrial Maintenance

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$53,322 – $88,936


School of Applied Science, Engineering & Technology

Employment Conditions:

This is a full-time faculty position beginning with the Fall 2014-2015 academic year. Starting salary between $53,322 and $88,936 depending on qualifications and experience.

Salary is based on a nine-month teaching contract. Newly hired instructors serve a three-year probationary period.

Start date: August 18, 2014.

Organizational Function and Responsibilities:
This position is responsible for instruction in the Industrial Maintenance Technician program at the technical diploma , associate degree, certificate, and continuing education levels in manufacturing-related coursework including, but not limited to: Computer-aided design (CAD), robotics, programmable logic controls (PLCs), machine vision and AC/DC electronics. credit level. Instructors develop learner-centered instructional strategies, collaborative curriculum, and assessment instruments for continuous improvement. Instructors participate in college service activities at the department, center and college levels.

This position reports to the Dean, School of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology.

Essential Duties:

The following duties are typically expected of this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

1. Facilitates student learning in the Industrial Maintenace Technician program, including but not limited to the following courses: Building Management Systems, Project Managment, Process Control, Machine Vision and HMI development, Building Automation Systems, Basic electricity / electronics, Ac/Dc drives, Industrial Networking, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Programmable Automation Controls )PACs), and Robotics and automation integration.

2. Develops and plans appropriate instructional strategies, including alternative delivery strategies when appropriate including but not limited to hybrid, face-to-face, accelerated, online course delivery, active learning, and flipped classrooms

3. Assists and advises students who have problems with assignments, tests, grades, course content, career concerns, and other matters.

4. Evaluates student performance and provides regular feedback in courses taught by the instructor.

5. Uses data to continually revise curriculum to improve student learning.

6. Actively works with other personnel in student recruitment, retention and job placement. This includes developing strategies aimed at the recruitment and retention of minority students.

7. Develops and maintains curriculum in a variety of non-traditional formats to meet student delivery needs in collaboration with department/ division staff; participates in instructional and curriculum articulation activities with other programs, other Schools of the College, other colleges and universities, and District K-12 partners.

8. Functions without direct supervision in a team environment with the ability to support a cohesive department atmosphere.

9. Complies with college policies and directions regarding student testing, record keeping, advanced standing, providing grades on a timely basis, maintaining office hours for student assistance and counseling, etc

10. Assists students in developing work experience assignments such as clinical affiliations, work study assignments, team projects, etc.

11. Designs and implements strategies to engage students in the learning process.

12. Integrates the use of technology into the teaching and learning process.

13. Attends School, program and advisory committee meetings; participates in appropriate staff development activities such as diversity awareness, technology training, etc.

14. Plans and implements professional development strategies to continually improve teaching and professional experience.

15. Maintains certification as an instructor with the Wisconsin Technical College System.

16. Complies with all aspects of Board policies, work rules, and the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

17. Demonstrates a commitment to the college mission, vision and values.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Knowledge of and experience with current educational methods and strategies; learner-centered instruction, active learning, assessment, evaluation; collaborative techniques; and strategies that address closing the gap in student access and achievement across race, gender, and disability.

2. Skill in the use of educational technology and alternative delivery methods to deliver high-quality instruction (i.e., online, hybrid, and accelerated course formats, course software such as Blackboard, video, Telepresence, etc).

3. Skill in communications and human relations with populations having diverse socio-economic and racial backgrounds and persons with physical and/or learning disabilities.

4. Skill in oral and written communications.

5. Ability to interact with business, industry, other educational institutions, and government agencies to establish partnerships.

6. Ability to adapt to new emerging technologies and incorporate them into the classroom and curriculum.

7. Knowledge and ability related to manufacturing technical competencies, including but not limited to: Manufacturing process design /development; Production; Maintenance, installation, and repair; Operational systems and processes including but not limited to logistics and quality systems.

8. Work experience performing job duties including, but not limited to: Testing of machinery and equipment to diagnose malfunctions; Operation of machines to fabricate parts; Design and installation of fixed and flexible automation cells; Program Programmable Automation Controllers, PLC, HMI, and/or other automation industry systems;and Programming of HMI systems.

9. Ability to become certifed as a safety trainer per industry standards.

10. Experience using Trane Summit, and/or Rockwell RSLogix family of IEC-1121-compliant ladder logic programming packages.


1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a field related to area of assignment OR seven (7) years or 14,000 hours of combined occupational experience and education with a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in a related field.

Experience used as an equivalent of an educational requirement is in addition to any experience required by the position.

2. Three (3) years (6,000 hours) of related work experience in manufacturing.

Madison College regards diversity in the workforce as a competitive advantage and strongly supports its presence in our educational environment.

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