Director, Specialty Pharmacy

Nashville, Davidson County
Jun 17, 2014
Executive Administration Jobs
C-Level & Executive Directors


The Director manages, coordinates, and monitors the work activity of a unit(s) or department; develops program goals and objectives; prepares or assists in the preparation of annual operating budgets; evaluates and interprets personnel actions and policies.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Assist in the development of departmental strategic goals and objectives, based on institutional goals and strategies
    1. Assist in developing long and short-term strategic goals and objectives
    2. Help departmental staff understand, share and support the vision.
    3. Implement changes in policies, procedures and/or methods to achieve goals and establish priorities.
    4. Analyze and evaluate long-range impact of decisions and plans.
  2. Ensure the most effective operations of the department through program development, process improvement, and coordination/integration of processes with other departments.
    1. Standardize services, processes, resources, and practice to improve efficiency.
    2. Supervision to include responsibility for planning, coordinating, and controlling the work; provide advice/consultation to staff regarding issues and concerns.
    3. Analyze and evaluate ongoing programs to identify areas in need of adjustments or improvements; make recommendations and/or conclusions senior management.
    4. Develop staffing plans to ensure developmental objectives are being met; develop schedules and priorities to meet emergencies and changing conditions.
    5. Participate in professional associations and developmental activities to keep informed of new developments in the field and disseminate information to departmental personnel.
  3. Establish and maintain an effective quality assurance program in compliance with Federal, State, JCAHO and Hospital standards
    1. Evaluate and monitor standards of performance to ensure safe, effective and efficient operations in the department
    2. Ensure that standards are met within areas of responsibility to assure clinical enterprise accreditation/licensure.
  4. Define and achieve financial targets in support of business goals of the institution
    1. Prepare annual operating budget for a unit or section, including direct labor, material and supplies, services, equipment maintenance and replacement.
    2. Develop cost reduction projects and targets in collaboration with subordinate managers and supervisors.
    3. Evaluate organizational functions and structures to best determine the allocation and utilization of resources.
    4. Analyze and evaluate budget variances to determine cause; prepare justification or develop alternatives for cost containment/reduction.
  5. Create and exceed service standards utilizing key service dimensions and from knowledge of patient/customer expectations and best practice
    1. Participate in establishing service standards for the section and determine if service standards are compatible with financial targets.
    2. Ensure that the service standards are met or exceeded by utilizing customer satisfaction, best practices and market information to improve customer service and satisfaction.
  6. Create an organizational culture (both within and across departments) that provides a safe, satisfying and enriching environment for employees; provides a qualified, competent staff to meet patient needs
    1. Define qualifications and performance expectations for all staff positions through the Performance Development system, including department-specific job descriptions and measurable performance standards.
    2. Encourage and support self-development and learning for all staff through regular feedback, orientation, training programs, and work experiences. Ensure that each staff member's competency is assessed and measured against performance expectations in the job description in a timely manner.
    3. Evaluate workload, priorities, and activity schedules to determine staffing requirements.
    4. Conduct monthly staff meetings to share essential information with staff and discuss current issues and future plans.
    5. Ensure all Human Resource and VUMC policies and procedures are followed according to standards.
    6. Communicate within and across departments to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and information sharing.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 8 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Licensed Pharmacist

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Hospital (VUH)

Organization Speciality Pharmacy Services 201416