Subject Matter Expert-Business & Leadership, Christian ministries, Criminal Justice, Edu, hum serv, nursing, psych, music, comm

Southeastern University invites applications for the position of subject matter expert (SME) in the following disciplines: business and leadership, Christian ministries, criminal justice, education, human services, nursing, psychology, music, communications, and general education. SMEs are hired to develop online courses in partnership with The Learning House, SEU’s online learning support vendor. Opportunities are available in both English and Spanish courses.

SMEs are hired on an as-needed basis to develop courses for colleges, which are experiencing program growth expectations. Those interested are in a "pool" for consideration as demand increases for qualified experts. Not everyone in the pool will ultimately develop a course offered at Southeastern University. Applications will be retained for eighteen months after submission, at which time candidates will need to reapply, if inactive.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

All subject matter experts are expected to adhere to the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with assigned University staff and Learning House representatives
  • Ensure course content follows stated originality expectations, thereby avoiding plagiarism
  • Provide timely rewrites based on feedback from reviewers
  • Contribute subject matter direction and content, based on course design expectation, including but not limited to the following: lectures, multimedia, assignments, evaluations, academic resources, faculty support resources, and learning outcomes.
  • Communicate as required throughout entire development process
  • Meet specified course development deadlines


  • Preferred: Terminal degree in the teaching discipline
  • Master’s degree with at least 18 graduate hours in the teaching discipline
  • Experience in online course development with professional training and certifications

Applicants should send a completed employment application along with a cover letter and vita/resume to:

Human Resources
Southeastern University
1000 Longfellow Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33801
(863) 667-5249
Fax: (863) 667-5200

Southeastern University is a Christian liberal arts university affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Candidates must be compatible with the institution’s Christian mission and purpose. Women, minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hiring process? Following receipt of the application, a cursory review will be conducted to ensure the appropriateness of the candidates discipline, earned degree, professional experience, and Christian testimony. As an early assessment, a written interview questionnaire will be forwarded to the candidate, who will be expected to respond within 48 hours in an electronic format. Assuming receipt of the completed questionnaire, the Extended Education department will conduct an overall assessment of the packet and articulate a formal recommendation on the candidate. All approved candidates will be forwarded to the respective college or department for a follow-up evaluation, which may include an interview by the dean or chair. A formal communication from the Extended Education department will be sent to the candidate, noting either next steps or the denial decision. Until further communication, the approved candidate is considered a member of the adjunct faculty pool. Additional steps will be required, including the following: submission of official transcripts, acceptance of annual development agreement, confirmation of development assignments, and compliance with all human resources paperwork. At all points, the individual will receive communication from the university.

What is the anticipated timeline for the hiring process? The hiring process is generally completed within 30 days; however, the receipt of official transcripts may delay approval.

Will I have to apply each semester? No, approved SMEs will be maintained in a hiring pool for 18 months. This pool will be purged of inactive applications after an 18 month period of inactivity. Any active applicant will remain in the pool indefinitely.

If I am teaching in different disciplines, should I apply separately? No, please indicate all suggested disciplines in your application.

How will I know when I am assigned a course? All assignments are issued by the college or department prior to the start of the development cycle. This is generally communicated via email, phone, or in person. Near the start of the development cycle, an email will be forwarded to the instructor, requesting confirmation and willingness to fulfill the noted assignment(s).

How are SMEs compensated? SMEs are contracted by course with payment disbursed in lump sum following completion of the project, which based on a full review by Learning House.

How many courses can I develop? All SMEs are part-time and typically develop one to two courses per semester. There may be times that SME are asked to develop additional courses, but these should be considered exceptions.