Assistant Director, Asian American Center

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Jun 13, 2014

Northeastern University

Assistant Director, Asian American Center

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Student Affairs

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Position Summary:
The Assistant Director of the Asian American Center at Northeastern is one member of a dynamic team of professionals at Northeastern focused on developing an intentional and student-centered space for the exploration of identity on campus. The Assistant Director at the Asian American Center will play an integral role in programs at the Asian American Center focusing on the themes of leadership and mentoring within the context of Asian American student life on campus. The Assistant Director may also be called upon to take on the responsibilities of the Director in the event of the Director’s absence. This includes administrative tasks at the Asian American Center, strategic planning, program management, and also budgetary responsibilities. This individual will also play a role in strategic planning and oversee the Asian American Center’s assessment activities.
The Assistant Director will work directly with the Asian American Students In Action (AASIA) Peer Mentoring Program in developing the specific goals of the program and will work with student leaders on the implementation of this program. AASIA works directly with first year students, pairing these individuals with upper class student mentors and the Assistant Director will work towards building the capacity of AASIA to be inclusive of as many students as possible. The Assistant Director will oversee the selection and training of the AASIA Co-chairs, in addition to working on the recruitment, selection, and training of the AASIA mentors and the recruitment and selection of AASIA mentees. The Assistant Director will also oversee NU Growth Opportunities for Asian American Leaders (NU GOAL) and provide leadership in the continued growth and development of this program. The Assistant Director will also work with Dialogue Programs at the Asian American Center. This includes Bubble Tea Time, an on-going program focusing on facilitated discussions within the Asian American student community, and also includes developing new dialogues focusing on other social identities in the context of Asian American students on campus. The Assistant Director will also work on other signature programs at the Asian American Center, including Inspir(Asian), the Asian American Center’s end of the year celebration.
The Assistant Director will also work closely with the Director of the Asian American Center and oversee the department’s assessment activities. These activities may range from surveys to focus groups. The Assistant Director will play a key role in developing assessment tools and also generating recommendations based on any assessment projects. The Assistant Director will be responsible for crafting strategies to increase the level of student participation at the Center, while maintaining specific standards of excellence for the programs offered. In addition, the Assistant Director will provide support and advising services to students and student groups about various issues related to services for Asian Americans at Northeastern, and serve as a clearinghouse for students regarding available resources.
The Assistant Director will be part of a dynamic and student-centered team at the Asian American Center. As part of this team, the Assistant Director may take on roles such as informal advising to individual students, advising of Asian American student organizations, and representing the Asian American Center on committees across the division of Student Affairs. This individual must approach the work with a focus on continuous improvement of the programs at the Asian American Center and from a perspective that is inclusive of all of our students’ identities. This individual must also approach the work with a collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit, building opportunities to develop relationships with different areas across campus.
Overall, the Assistant Director will work very closely with the Director to develop a comprehensive infrastructure that effectively supports the growth and advancement of the Asian American Center. He/she will assist the Director in overseeing the successful implementation of departmental operations, aligning the mission of the AAC with the strategic planning efforts of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, and the agenda and initiatives shared by areas within Cultural, Residential and Spiritual Life.
This position involves significant involvement in evening and weekend programs.

Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s Degree preferred in Student Affairs, Higher Education, Psychology, Counseling, Ethnic Studies, or related field.
At least 1-2 years experience with program design, working closely with undergraduate students, experience in higher education desirable but not required. Prior teaching experience is beneficial.

Deep awareness of issues and concerns relevant to the Asian American community, and Asian American youth in particular, meaningful experience working with Asian American students, and developing educational programs for heterogeneous populations about Asian American issues. Working knowledge of Asian American Studies highly desirable. Must also be student-centered and articulate in an understanding of social identity as it pertains to populations of Asian American college students.
Relevant skills include experience in office management, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and strong cross-cultural communication skills are required. Must be comfortable with making presentations and leading public forums. Relevant computer skills include a fluency with Microsoft Office and familiarity with Google Docs and Google Hangouts. Basic proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign are highly desirable. Experience with web design (specifically WordPress), electronic means of communication, and social media platforms highly desirable. Must be detail-oriented with excellent writing skills.
This individual must be forward-thinking, creative, and able to provide structure and strong leadership in the development of new programs.
The following competencies are integral to the successful performance as the Assistant Director:
Leverage Knowledge – share information across functions in the organization; transfer best practices and learnings whenever possible; encourage and share benefits of new skill development
Managing Change – Enjoys challenge of operating in a changing, complex environment; flexibility; tuned into the external environment; adaptable systems and processes; maintains values and culture while embracing the new
Customer Focus – customer-oriented; customer-centric; thinks about services and processes with customer foremost in mind; involves customers in developing and improving services; gets regular customer feedback
Priority Setting – good at setting priorities among many competing tasks and projects; process for vetting new ideas and incorporating into existing workload; maintains focus on what’s most important
Creativity/Innovation Management – developing new ideas; original; good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work; facilitate effective brainstorming; good process of bringing creative ideas to fruition
Communications – good communications internally and externally; strong communications guidelines and systems; consistency; regularity; sense of everyone being in the loop; efficient use and balance of various communication methods
Managing & Measuring – clear assignment of responsibility for tasks and decisions; sets clear objectives and measures; monitors process, progress and results; accountability; timely feedback on accomplishments
Relationship Management – manages external and internal relationships effectively; proactively listens and communicates needs; partners well to reach objectives and goals of all parties; actively works to build relationships
Staff Development/Training – proactively develops new skills in staff members; invests in training; addresses career development needs of staff members; holds regular career planning discussions
Influence/Marketing – ability to influence external parties to the benefit of the organization; strong marketing presence and identity; good negotiation skills; well represented at key external events; customizes marketing approach to various audiences
Planning – regularly sets long and short-term goals and develops action plans; develops schedules and task/people assignments; measures performance against goals; evaluates results
Process Management – determines the processes necessary to get things done; organizes people and activities well; sees opportunities for synergy and integration; can simplify complex processes; gets more out of fewer resources
Cost Management – manages expenses wisely; utilizes effective internal budget process to manage costs; uses volunteers and other low-cost options; considers outsourcing activities better done by others; utilize internal staff talent to maximum degree; manages vendor relationships; attention to best price, price for value and service levels
Student Success Orientation – addresses immediate needs of student while understanding the long term implications to services and programs given what issues are repeatedly presented; builds relationships with student rather than viewing interaction as one-time; attention to best service levels

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