Research Associate - X-ray Facility Manager (Chemistry)

New York City, New York (Manhattan) County
Jun 07, 2014
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Conducts academic research in connection with CUNY programs; may assist faculty, staff, and students in conducting research and lead research efforts involving others. 

- Develops research plans and proposals and participates in acquiring funding

- Collects, analyzes, and assures validity of data

- Writes progress reports; writes and publishes findings

- Collaborates with internal and external colleagues

- Adheres to standards for safety and hygiene and ethical conduct as defined by the University and relevant outside parties


Research Associate




Hunter College of the City University of New York is seeking applications for a Research Associate to conduct research in X-ray crystallography and serve as the X-ray Facility Manager. The X-ray Facility at Hunter College is a 330 square feet facility dedicated to the collection and solving of single-crystal X-ray Diffraction data. The facility is capable of collecting data for organic and inorganic compounds as well as radioactive samples following Hunter College's radiation safety protocols. The Facility houses a Bruker-Nonius Kappa CCD sealed-tube MoK-diffractometer. The diffractometer is equipped with a low-temperature liquid nitrogen module allowing data collection at 100 K. The Bruker-Nonius FR590 X-ray generator produces radiation at a wavelength of 0.7093 . The facility houses 2 microscopes with polarizing filters for crystal evaluations. There are also 2 PC computers running Red Hat LINUX dedicated to data collection and a Macintosh Power PC for structure refinement.

The X-ray Facility Manager will oversee and lead the day-to-day operations of the Hunter College X-ray Facility. Will collect XRD data, solve structures, and perform data analysis for faculty at Hunter College and from outside sources. The Facility Manager will also teach students and researchers to operate instruments independently and safely, so that they become self-sufficient to collect XRD data, solve structures, and perform data analysis. The X-ray Facility Manager will maintain X-ray instruments and computers for accurate operation and solve X-ray structures for occasional users. Manage billing and other administrative duties such as keeping records of equipment use, condition, and maintenance.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Conduct independent research projects; publish and acquire grant funding for work, including beam-time at national laboratory beam lines.
- Collaborate with faculty in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department on research involving X-ray crystallography.
- Conduct collaborate research on X-ray diffraction with scientists at synchrotron beam line sources.
- Keep current with new developments in crystallography.
- Assist faculty in decisions for improving the X-ray facility.
- Write shared instrumentation grants to equip the X-ray facility.
- Partner with individual faculty in writing of research grants.


Doctoral Degree in a related field and demonstrated research ability.


The candidate must have a doctoral degree, preferably involving X-ray crystallography, small molecule X-ray crystallography, or X-ray diffraction techniques and 3-5 years of relevant industrial or academic experience.

The candidate must have a demonstrated ability to maintain XRD instrumentation and operation down to the component level, and have the ability to troubleshoot when problems arise. The candidate should have good general IT skills; proficiency with LINUX and UNIX operating systems are beneficial. The candidate should be familiar with Bruker XRD systems and their software and have strong experience with structure refinement and preparing structures for publication. The Research Associate should possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and willingness to engage in individual collaborative research with faculty at Hunter College. The candidate should have a demonstrated ability to collaborate with research scientists and students, work in a team, and interact effectively with a broad range of colleagues.


$60,000 - $95,000; commensurate with experience.


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July 6, 2014


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