Philadelphia, Philadelphia County
Jun 04, 2014
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Duties: The Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania is devoted to post-doctoral research on Jewish civilization in all its historical and cultural manifestations. The Katz Center is seeking a director of communications outreach with significant writing and editorial skills, and Managing Editor of a scholarly journal. The appointment is for one year, with the possibility of being transformed into a regular position. This person must be a highly organized and motivated person with outstanding interpersonal skills. He/she must hold a deep commitment to the academic study of Jewish civilization, an appreciation of the Katz Center, an ability to articulate its mission to the community at large, and the skill and creativity to bridge between scholarship and the general public.

The job consists of two primary roles: to represent the public face of the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at Penn and to function as a critical member of the editorial team of the Center's journal.

The first role: We will rely on this person to enhance the center's reputation and visibility in the Jewish community. The job will also include: organizing lecture series and other educational programs for the general public both in the Philadelphia area and beyond; raising the profile of the Center through creative outreach to partner institutions and foundations; writing, editing and producing the written material emitting from the Center (including an electronic Newsletter). The person in this position will also be responsible for developing appropriate technology and communication media, such as social media, podcasting and live video streaming.

The second role: The second component of this job is that of managing editor with the Center's flagship scholarly journal, the Jewish Quarterly Review, reporting directly to the editors. This role will require an academic background in a particular field of Jewish studies with a broad understanding and appreciation of other fields of Judaic learning as well, superb writing and grammatical skills, and proficiency in biblical, rabbinic, and Modern Hebrew. Reading knowledge of other languages is also highly desirable. The person must have excellent interpersonal skills and strong academic judgment, as they will be the communications hub of the journal and work closely with editors, publisher, and authors. This person will be in charge of shepherding the manuscript from style and copyediting through proofs stages on its way to publication.

This person will also assist the Director and Associate Director where needed.

Qualifications: Highly advanced professional discipline. M.D., Ph. D., Law degree or equivalent doctoral degree and 1 year to 2 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is required. Excellent writing, editorial, organizational and communication skills and deep commitment to the academic study of Jewish civilization.

Reference Number: 02-17739

Salary Grade: 027

Employment Type: Exempt

Org: Center for Judaic Studies

Special Requirements: Background Check Required

Job Family: B-Executive/Managerial Administration