English Tenure Track: Writing

Minot, Ward County
May 30, 2014
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Minot State University is built upon a core commitment to students, learning, service, cooperation, and a respect for people and place. Our Vision 2013 mandate is for Minot State University to become a premier public institution in the Great Plains. This bold initiative rests on a philosophy of engagement and place. We believe that the university experience should provide students with a connection between academic subjects and the reality of life on the Great Plains, between theory and practice and between local experiences and global realities. This philosophy is grounded in an expectation that all students can learn, grow, and succeed if given the support, guidance and an engaging learning environment. Minot State University seeks individuals who will help us create a community focused on student learning and success; the development of student integrity and character, and an institutional commitment to civic engagement, local and global stewardship, and meaningful service for the welfare of others. Candidates interested in helping us to achieve our Vision are encouraged to apply for this position or contact us for more information. Position Available: The English Department at Minot State University is accepting applications for a full time, benefitted, tenure track faculty member with a specialty in Rhetoric, Writing, or Composition. Possible Course and Professional assignments in: • Composition I and II • Honors Composition I and II • Advanced and Technical Writing • Writing in Multiple Genres • Creative Writing • The Senior Capstone Seminar • Director of Northern Plains Writing Project and Graduate Programs • Dual Credit Writing Coordinator and Director of DC Teacher Orientation • Other possible leadership roles in Writing Center and elsewhere on campus • On campus and on-line courses Qualifications: • Terminal degree in field required • Formal background in the pedagogy and theory of teaching writing • Teaching experience in rhetoric, composition, creative writing • An understanding of Vision 2013 • Ability to use technology to enhance instruction • Strong communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, and a collaborative approach to working with students and colleagues • Ability to contribute to a dynamic teaching/learning environment requiring adaptability, creativity and teamwork The English Department: The English Department offers a varied and soundly based program that unifies the study of writing and literature. The major prepares the student for a career in business, communications media, teaching, and for advanced study in graduate and professional schools. Within the English BA, students may concentrate their programs of study in either literature or in language and linguistics. Our programs seek to develop skills applicable not only to the professional disciplines, but also to the significant tasks of life: the ability to read perceptively, write effectively, and think critically. The senior seminar offers an integrative experience in which students work not only toward the fullest development of their skills as readers, writers and thinkers, but also toward their development as professional scholars. Ten faculty members teach in the English Department. Role and Responsibilities: This is a nine-month tenured teaching position, with additional responsibilities in research and service. We are looking for a colleague to join our deliberative body as we go forward into the future, one who will share in the many leadership roles within our Program and across campus. Application Process: Review of applications will begin June 20th for consideration for the 2014-2015 academic year. A criminal history background check must be satisfied prior to employment. Please submit the following: • A cover letter outlining your teaching interest, qualifications, and philosophy. Please specify your strongest areas with a 16-week syllabus for each specific course you are interested in teaching. • College Transcripts (Official Transcripts will be required upon hire) • A list of three to five (3-5) letters of recommendation with information including reference name, job title, and their professional relationship with you, with contact information including their telephone number, email address, and/or home address; (letters of recommendation are not required). • A Curriculum vitae