Vice Chancellor, Educational Services

Riverside, Riverside County
May 29, 2014
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Vice Chancellor, Educational Services  
Riverside Community College District

Application Deadline: 07/23/2014 Interested candidates must apply by 8:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.
Department: Educational Services (D) 
Position Type: Academic Management  
College/Campus: District  
Physical location of the position: Offsite Location  
If off-site, please specify location: District Office  
Employment Type: Full-Time  
Position Length: 12-month  
Salary Range: Contract
Salary Amount: $171,000 
Salary Type: Annual  
Is this position categorically (grant) funded? No  

The Vice Chancellor, Educational Services reports directly to the Chancellor and holds leadership and oversight responsibility for all District instructional programs and student support services. The Vice Chancellor supervises and coordinates academic planning and development, including new degree and certificate programs, as well as revisions and deletions of existing programs. Included among the Vice Chancellor's major duties are leadership in grant development, educational and strategic planning, research, accreditation, community education programs, international programs, workforce and economic development and educational technology.

Supervises and directs all assigned staff.

Master's degree from an accredited institution and three years of leadership experience reasonably related to the administrative assignment.



  • Earned doctorate from an accredited institution in an area related to duties;
  • Five (5) years of postsecondary teaching experience and five (5) years of educational services related administrative experience at an accredited community college;
  • Knowledge and experience in areas of research design, statistics, and data analysis appropriate to providing expert leadership to Institutional Effectiveness Office personnel;
  • Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws generally related to education and specifically to community colleges;
  • Demonstrated commitment to participatory governance and collaborative decision making;
  • Experience with contemporary academic technology and transformation of information systems;
  • Strategic planning and detail-oriented operational deployment skills; ability to translate vision and strategy into clear actionable goals;
  • Excellent communication skills with a demonstrated ability to listen to a variety of constituent groups, synthesize input, make decisions and share information broadly to build consensus and support for action.

Administrative procedures and practices applicable to the California Community Colleges.

Develop, initiate and carry out new policies and procedures; establish constructive working relations with various community organizations, including advisory committees; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; and, to work effectively with faculty, staff and community.  

Must have evidence of sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students (E.C. 87360a).

Normal office environment.

PRINCIPAL CONTACTS: Chancellor, College presidents and other members of Chancellor's Executive Cabinet, vice presidents of educational services, instruction, and student services, Academic Senate leaders, and others appropriate to the duties assigned.


  1. Provides District-wide leadership and coordination of student success initiatives.
  2. Provides overall leadership to the District in educational planning, development, and innovation, including new programs; coursework and distance learning; program review; research and strategic planning; accreditation; and in development and implementation of the instructional and student support programs of the District.
  3. Promotes, encourages and facilitates the implementation of career technical education in cooperation with the District colleges and local, regional, state and national business and industry groups.
  4. Facilitates the development and implementation of the District's Strategic Plan and coordinates implementation activities of District resources and revenue generation ventures related to grant development, special projects, domestic and international partnerships, and economic development programs.
  5. Provides leadership to the District's fee-based, community education, and contract education programs.
  6. Provides leadership to the District's international programs, study abroad and partnerships across the District.
  7. Provides leadership and direction to the District's institutional research and strategic planning, including effectiveness services.
  8. Provides leadership to District's Police and Public Safety Department.
  9. Prepares appropriate reports and correspondence for the Chancellor's Office and Board of Governors.
  10. Develops measurements and accountability strategies for major district programs and services and coordinates program outcomes.
  11. Reviews pending legislation, legal mandates regulations, and guidelines which may affect district programs, functions and activities. Complies with all District, county, state and federal requirements.
  12. Participates in budgeting process; ensures that the budget development process is responsive to the objectives developed during strategic planning.
  13. Coordinates with Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Human Resources and District-college officials, to address concerns, issues, complaints, grievances related to faculty and students.
  14. Supports the Chancellor and the district in collective bargaining matters related to the faculty contract.
  15. Recommends to the Chancellor and others as appropriate changes in organization and operating policies and procedures that affect District educational services and planning.
  16. Provides leadership in planning and supporting career technical education programs and the workforce development programs district wide.
  17. Initiate, support and maintain effective partnerships with K-12, business, industry, governmental agencies and other postsecondary institutions to enhance the acquisition, access, and sharing of recourses to support student success district wide.
  18. Coordinates the development and regular updates of board policies and administrative procedures related to educational programs, student support services and student conduct.
  19. Serves as the contact point for the District responsibilities for accreditation of the three colleges.
  20. Participates in local, regional, and state activities to promote the Riverside Community College District.
  21. Participates in District sponsored in-service programs.
  22. Serves as a member of the Chancellor's Executive Cabinet.
  23. Serves as a member of the Management Leadership Association.
  24. Maintains an understanding of current ideas, research and practices pertaining to the areas of responsibility for this position, through continued study and participation in professional organizations.
  25. Performs other related responsibilities as may be assigned.  




This is an Academic Management position with twelve-month contracts. Paid vacation, 22 days annually; and paid accruable sick leave, 12 days annually. A pro-rata reduction will be made for employees working less than full-time and less than 12 months. The District provides a health and welfare benefit package for employees and legal qualifying dependents.

The work location and assignment within a job classification is determined by the District and may be subject to change.

All offers of employment will be contingent upon the availability of funds and approval by the Board of Trustees.

The Riverside Community College District is an equal opportunity employer and recognizes the need to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. For more information, contact (951) 222-8039.

The Riverside Community College District complies with all federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, color, ancestry, genetic information, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or any characteristic listed or defined in Section 11135 of the Government Code or any characteristic that is contained in the prohibition of hate crimes set forth in subdivision (1) of Section 422.6 of the California Penal Code, or any other status protected by law. This holds true for all District employment opportunities. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the District's Title IX Officer/Section 504/ADA Coordinator. Harassment of any employee/student with regard to ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, color, ancestry, genetic information, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or any characteristic listed or defined in Section 11135 of the Government Code or any characteristic that is contained in the prohibition of hate crimes set forth in subdivision (1) of Section 422.6 of the California Penal Code, or any other status protected by law, is strictly prohibited. The Title IX Officer, Section 504/ADA Coordinator for the District is Ms. Chani Beeman, 450 E. Alessandro Blvd., Riverside, CA 92508. Telephone Number is: (951) 222-8039.  
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Required Applicant Documents:
Resume or Curriculum Vitae
Cover Letter
Masters or Equivalent Transcript  

Optional Applicant Documents:
Letter of Recommendation 1
Letter of Recommendation 2
Letter of Recommendation 3
Other Document
Doctorate Transcript
Other Transcript
Associate or Equivalent Transcript
Bachelors or Equivalent Transcript

Effective Employment Date: A Mutually Agreed Upon Start Date  

* Only electronic, on-line applications are accepted. All supporting materials, required or optional, must also be in electronic formats and attached to the electronic, on-line application when applying. Supporting materials are only accepted as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft Word files and must be less than 2 MB in size.

* An application will not be considered complete unless all Required Documents are electronically attached to the application by the Application Deadline date. An incomplete file may subject the candidate to disqualification.

* Paper applications and supporting materials WILL NOT be accepted!

* Letters of reference must be non-confidential and submitted electronically when applying on-line.

* Interested candidates must apply by the deadline listed above by 8:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.

* The Riverside Community College District does not require testing at the initial application filing period. As you progress through the selection process, you may be required to perform a job-related test based on the needs of the work area for which you are being considered.

* The District will make reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities. Applicant should contact Diversity and Human Resources at (951) 222-8595 for assistance.  

Application Types Accepted: Classified/Management/Confidential Application