Student Financial Aid Specialist - Ancillary  

Fountain Valley, Orange County / Santa Ana, Orange County
May 15, 2014
Coastline Community College Fountain Valley, CA Student Financial Aid Specialist - Ancillary   C-036-14 $48,086.00 - $58,496.00 Annually Apply by: 05/28/2014 Complete job description and application available online at: Under the general supervision of the Financial Aid Director, to assist in the daily operation of the Financial Aid Office; intake, scan, and post student financial aid documents as required; provide general student financial aid information to students and the community; perform annual review of student financial aid records to include satisfactory academic progress and enrollment verification; verification, packaging and awarding of student financial aid files; program fund reconciliation responsibility; may serve as a permanent member of the Financial Aid Appeal Committee; and perform other duties as assigned as related to student financial aid. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: The Student Financial Aid Specialist is the highest technical level in this class series and is distinguished from the Student Financial Aid Technician by the level of responsibility and complexity of the duties assigned. Such duties include review and modification of current publications, coordination of Title IV and state financial aid programs, and program fund reconciliation. Employees at this level receive general supervision within a broad framework of federal, state, district and college policies and procedures. Employees in this class possess a thorough understanding of student financial aid awarding, verification, and packaging of individual student files; automated student financial aid awarding systems, and an in depth knowledge of applicable laws, policies, and regulations of student financial aid eligibility requirements. This classification is also responsible for conducting student financial aid orientation sessions, loan (FFELP and Perkins) entrance and exit sessions, community outreach, default prevention strategies, and other special complex projects as assigned by the Financial Aid Director. EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: a. Disseminate student financial aid information to students, parents, and staff members in orientation sessions or one-on- one; by telephone and email, and at outreach events as needed. b. Respond to telephone, email, and written inquiries; assist the Student Financial Aid Technician(s) and Student Financial Aid Assistants I and II with the telephone, email and reception responsibilities for the office. c. Program coordination and reconciliation responsibility for Title IV and state programs as assigned by the Financial Aid Director. This will include Pell Grant, SEOG, FFEL Program, Perkins Loan Program, Federal Work Study, BOGFW Program, CalGrant, Chafee Grant and the state’s Foster Child initiative, and any other program that is offered within the student financial aid regulations. d. Interpret, explain, process, and input the Board of Governors Fee Waiver – BOGFW – Program applications online and in paper forms; act as a liaison between the Financial Aid Office and Admissions and Registration. e. Review and process incoming student documents for accuracy and completion by completing the verification process on the student financial aid computer system. f. Responsible for computer data entry and scanning of documents received; creating and maintaining student files in electronic or paper form; running standard computer reports from the student database system and the student financial aid database system. g. Assist in the review and screening of student financial aid applicants and their parents to include assistance with online and paper application processes for federal and state programs. h. Monitor satisfactory academic progress and enrollment of student financial aid recipients and input the results into the student financial aid system. i. Monitor enrollment status; adjust student awards according to program requirements. j. Monitor, input and adjust student financial aid files regarding financial resources to include but not limited to funds a student may receive from: EOP/s, CalWORKs, CARE, Re-Entry, Scholarships and other resources identified. k. Assist in the compilation of confidential data for state and federal reports; process student and parent confidential tax and income information. Advise students and parents regarding the financial aid process in one-on-one sessions or at outreach events. l. Complete the verification process to validate financial aid applications; award and package students for all eligible student financial aid state and federal programs. m. Maintain and ensure the administrative requirements for student financial aid and separation of duties are in compliance with applicable state and federal requirements. n. Assist with the training of other student financial aid staff including hourly staff and student assistants. o. Regularly attend student financial aid training sessions, either in person or via web/online sessions to remain current on federal and state student financial aid regulations. p. Adapt to changes in procedure and methodologies as required by changes in federal and state financial aid programs and laws. q. Maintain confidentiality of student and parent records in accordance with federal, state, district and college regulations, policies and procedures. r. Annually review and update departmental publications, manuals and outreach materials. s. Perform other related job duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of: 1. Student financial aid district, college, state and federal practices, policies, regulations and procedures. 2. Student financial aid record-keeping techniques as related to student and parent information verification, packaging and awarding. 3. Student and parent confidentiality of records in accordance with federal, state, district and college regulations, policies and procedures. 4. Applicable sections of State Education Code, federal and state guidelines for student financial aid and other applicable laws and regulations. 5. Basic accounting functions used in reconciliation of program funds. 6. District organization, policies and procedures, and objectives of the student financial aid program. 7. Complex computerized systems and applications as related to student financial aid, to include district, college, federal and state systems. 8. Applicable student financial aid terminology. 9. Standard office practices, procedures and equipment, including use of computers, applicable software, and document scanners. 10. The duties and responsibilities of the Student Financial Aid Assistant I and II and Student Financial Aid Technician. Ability to: 11. Interpret and apply applicable sections of State Education Code, District and college policies and procedures, federal and state regulations and other applicable laws as related to student financial aid. 12. Maintain confidentiality of student and parent records in accordance with federal, state, District and college guidelines, policies and procedures. 13. Demonstrate understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, disability, religious background and sexual orientation of community colleges students, faculty, and staff. 14. Perform a variety of complex reviews and maintenance procedures regarding student financial aid applications and documents such as packaging, awarding and verification. 15. Assist college staff with reports, and general support with District, federal and state financial application methods as related to student financial aid. 16. Operate various computer database systems, applicable software, and other standard office equipment. 17. Work independently and effectively with minimal supervision. 18. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 19. Understand and follow work directions verbally and in writing. 20. Plan and organize work to meet schedules and time lines. 21. Adapt to and learn new technology; assist with the training of all financial aid staff regarding new technology. 22. Provide work direction and guidance to hourly and student assistants. 23. Update publications and manuals in accordance with current student financial aid information and requirements. 24. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others. Education and Experience: 25. Education equivalent to an Associate of Arts degree in business administration, accounting or other related field. 26. Four years of experience in monitoring and maintaining computerized student financial aid records including four years of experience in a position requiring independent judgment and decision making in a related educational or student financial aid environment – awarding, packaging, verification and program fund reconciliation processes. 27. Or, any combination of experience that would provide the required equivalent qualifications. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: This is a full time, 1 year temporary position Ancillary funded 12 month position. The normal hours of work are to be arranged between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The effective date of employment will be arranged with the supervisor. PAY PHILOSOPHY: Starting salaries for support staff positions begin at Step-1 of the salary range. Employees hired prior to April 1 of each year will move to the next step on the upcoming July 1. Employees hired on or after April 1 of each year will move to the next step the following July 1. All movement on the salary schedule will occur July 1 of each year for all classified employees. Additional Information: APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Applications must be received no later than the posted closing date. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Electronic applications may be completed by visiting Once you have completed an electronic application, you may apply to open positions within the Coast Community College District by submitting the application and all other required materials. Required materials differ for each open position and must be complete when submitted for a specific posting. Instructions for completing applications and applying to posted positions are available online or by calling Applicant Processing at (714) 438-4714. All application materials become the property of the Coast Community College District and will NOT be copied or returned. Information for TDD users is available by calling (714) 438-4755. Application Requirements: To be considered for employment you must submit a complete application packet. A complete application packet includes: 1. A complete Classified/Management Employment Application. 2. A current resume. 3. A cover letter highlighting your qualifications for the desired position. 4. Answers to Supplemental Questions. To ensure consistency and fairness to all applicants, please do not submit materials in addition to those requested. Additional materials will not be considered or returned. Be sure to complete all questions and sections of the application. For questions which may not apply, indicate "n/a" (not applicable). If you do not know an answer, please indicate so, but do not leave any space blank. All applications will be screened under a process of utmost confidentiality by a committee of representatives from the college community. Please note: Possession of the minimum qualifications does not ensure an interview. Any documents that you are unable to attach can be faxed to (714) 782-6065. Faxes must clearly indicate the job you are applying to and your name. Disability Accommodations: If you require accommodations in the Application or Examination Process, please notify Human Resources by calling (714) 438-4714 OR (714) 438-4713. PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: • The physical demands are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. • The work environment characteristics are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. • A detailed list of physical demands and work environment is on file and will be provided upon request. Coast Community College District is an Equal Opportunity Employer