Executive Dir. for Finance & Res. Admi

Chapel Hill, Orange County
May 15, 2014
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Department: Pharmacology

Application Deadline: 06/14/2014

Position Summary: The primary mission for this position is to work with Chair, faculty, fellows and students in their efforts to apply for sponsored research grants and to direct and oversee departmental administration, which include the physical facilities. There are more than 150 people in Pharmacology and this position is considered absolutely critical for the organization and oversight of Pharmacology's sponsored research activities in additional to finance and business operations. These activities are complex, demanding and very detailed. This position reports directly to the Chair and acts as one of two primary designees representing the department in committees and other campus meetings as needed.

Education Requirements: The ideal educational requirements would be a Bachelor of Science degree in the biological sciences and a MBA. A master's in health sciences or business with a minimum of six years experience in laboratory management, research budget management, scientific proposal preparation, or similar experience or a Bachelor's degree in a relevant science or business field and eight years experience or an Associate degree in a relevant science or business field and ten years related experience.

Qualification and Experience: Possesses signficant experience in grant preparation and review, laboratory management, budget management, which should include short and long-term planning, project coordination, personnel supervision, knowledge of medical research, laboratory science, public and private granting agencies and strong organizational interpersonal skills. An intimate or demonstrated knowledge of the UNC-CH system and all associated rules and regulations are also desired to help with the continuity of the business operations.

Department Contact Name and Title: Janeice Cox, HR Manager

Department Contact Telephone Number or Email: burnette@med.unc.edu