Culinary Instructor

Fairmont, Marion County / Jordan, Marion County / Monongah, Marion County / Pleasant Valley, Marion County / White Hall, Marion County
May 15, 2014
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Duties and Responsibilities -Faculty will provide primary instruction or lab assistance for existing courses. Position may require organization, pre-preparation, or ordering for lab classes. -Faculty will actively be involved in course instruction which may include face-to-face or online instruction. Teaching may include lecture or lab based instruction. -Position may require working at events outside of normal instruction (i.e. farmers markets, charity events, competitions, etc.). -Position may require faculty to help with student recruiting events on and off campus. -Instructor will teach a full Community College academic load -- 15 credit hours per semester (or equivalent). Instructor will meet at least the minimum institutional faculty requirements outlined in the Pierpont Faculty Handbook. -Instructor will be an ambassador for Pierpont Culinary Academy. This may include, but not be limited to: attending or preparing for external events, fostering industry relationships, and working on and off campus to advance the priorities of the Pierpont Culinary Academy. -Instructor will insure that the program continues to meet industry needs through Advisory Board consultation and development of program outcomes and measures. -Instructor will look for opportunities to improve the quality of instruction, and seek partnerships and resources that will lead to better trained graduates. -Instructor may serve as a program advisor, assisting students with scheduling, locating internships, and foster a culture of successful completion.

Minimum Required Education Bachelor's degree

Required Licenses and/or Certifications ACF Certified Culinarian or Certified Pastry Culinarian

Type and Amount of Experience Needed Minimum of three (3) years combination industry and/or teaching.

Preferred Qualifications ACF Certified ServSafe Certified Master's degree

Special Conditions ADDITIONAL DUTIES: -Prepare and monitor complete inventory of food supplies, and equipment in food service labs. Assure that drawers and work stations in all labs are clean and contain appropriate equipment/utensils. -Maintain and demonstrate utilization of food service equipment according to product use and care manuals? large mixers, slicers, steamers, deep fat fryers, chilling units, etc. -Assist program coordinator in preparing specifications and obtaining quotes for new pastry or baking equipment. -Plan and prepare for special departmental events such as advisory board meetings. -Observe all FDA Food Code regulations according to WV State and Marion County Local Health Department Regulations. (i.e. hair restraints, sanitized work areas, proper storage of equipment and supplies, etc.) -Observe all OSHA standards for safety in the food service facility and maintain appropriate records to ensure adherence of department to safety regulations (i.e. MSDS ? material safety data sheets, etc.) -Prepare weekly market orders for lab classes and special events. -Supervise work study students in lab areas as assigned by program coordinator. -Use copier and computers for purchase orders, menus, and recipes. -Assist with food labs as per program coordinator and participate in evaluation of student products. -Employee may be responsible for assigning tasks for work study students or students assigned to special topics courses. This would involve no more than 2-4 students/semester. Physical Coordination: -Operating of large kitchen equipment. -Appropriate lifting of heavy items. -Operation of computer for equipment/product inventory and record keeping. -Ability to operate copy, fax and other office equipment.

Notes To Applicants All applicants MUST complete an online application; paper applications cannot be accepted. Please note that candidates invited to interview are required to bring copies of all academic transcripts to the interview event.