Mount Pleasant, Isabella County
May 14, 2014
Administrative Jobs
Technology, IT Support & Training
This position reports to the Deputy Director / Strategic Partnerships. Under this general supervision, the incumbent is responsible for The Center's activities associated with data/assessment preparation. Essential functions of this position consist of coordinating the collection, processing and preparation of the data as directed. The incumbent is expected to ensure quality control of all data prepared by the incumbent for The Center and presented to external agencies, develop tools for the analysis and presentation of MEAP and other achievement data, perform project management duties in accordance with developed timelines, serve as a resource to Center staff and State agencies as directed, conduct data preparation, develop tools for the study of the correlation of other student achievement data against the State's standardized test, identify problem areas, define relevant issues and recommend solutions to resolve problems in a timely manner. The incumbent advocates the policies and decisions made by the Deputy Director and The Center through various communication mediums (i.e. telephone, e-mail, fax, letter, memoranda, and face to face meetings). The incumbent may be expected to conduct reviews and participate as directed in other Center functional areas. The incumbent may conduct workshops or other training sessions as needed. The position may work closely with The Center Directors, Assistant Directors, public school academy administrators, Michigan Department of Education staff, external consultants, and various other public officials. Must be willing to travel as needed.Bachelor's degree.
One year professional experience
Ability to work with diverse administrative and professional staff, as well as various constituencies associated with the charter schools movement.
Demonstrated ability to coordinate, develop and implement organizational processes.
Ability to assist in planning and coordinating programs and administrative activities of a complex, interrelated and interdependent nature, where unknowns and numerous contingency factors are involved.
Demonstrated ability to collect, organize, process, and manipulate data/information.
Demonstrated positive interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
Ability to manage multiple assignments and competing priorities while maintaining attention to detail.
Ability to maintain positive relationships with internal and external publics.
Decision making ability.
Demonstrated problem solving skills.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Ability to work independently.
Demonstrated proficiency with hardware and software.
Mastery of Microsoft Excel and Access.
Knowledge of Visual Basic and SQL.
Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Willingness to travel as needed.
Ability to perform the essential functions and requirements of the job.