Staff Psychiatrist

Irvine, Orange County
May 14, 2014
Department: Student Health
Req No.: 2014-0248
Location: UCI Campus - Irvine

Job Summary

The Staff Psychiatrist provides direct, outpatient, ambulatory patient care including psychiatric consultations and facilitating hospitalizations. This position is responsible for assuring continuous and ongoing quality, accessibility and safety of mental health services to the patients, and is responsible for promptly reporting to the Chief of Psychiatry all issues, which may impact patient care and safety. This position is also responsible for providing professional consultation to other Student Health Center clinicians, to Student Affairs, to academic, professional and department advisors, and to staff of other campus departments on mental health issues and emergencies.


Salary: Hourly $78.00 - $85.00

Work Schedule: M-F

Contract Position, 55% time.

Although this position's schedule is M-F, weekends or non-traditional work hours may be required for special projects or busy times of the year, or when strict deadlines must be met.


Employment in this position is contingent upon successful completion of a Department of Justice (DOJ) Live Scan background check, verification and continued monitoring of licensure as it applies to the position, and successful completion of our background review or credentialing process, as appropriate to the position.


The employee must comply with OSHA, CA/OSHA, and CDC recommendations and requirements regarding vaccination and testing of healthcare employees. This includes, but may not be limited to; current hepatitis B immunizations, annual flu vaccinations, and annual tuberculosis screening. At the discretion of Student Health Center, the employee may be offered an option to sign a declination acknowledgement in lieu of receiving an annual flu vaccination.


Per the UC Ethics Briefing, the employee is responsible for reporting any and all potential conflicts of interest to their supervisor in a timely manner.


Employment at the Student Health Center is subject to all UC and UCI Student Health Center policies and procedures.

Final candidate subject to background check.

As a federal contractor, UC Irvine is required to use E-Verify to confirm the work status of individuals assigned to perform substantial work under certain federal contracts/subcontracts.

Please attach your resume.


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View Job Description for the position requirements. 

Job Description
Job Essential Function 1
Percent of Time: 100%
The Staff Psychiatrist provides direct patient service including new patient evaluation (emergent, urgent and routine), follow up care, case management and consultation as required, consultation, etc. This includes the following:
Provide urgent psychiatric evaluations and initial evaluations for patients.  This includes an appropriate history, current medications, allergies, pertinent medical and psychiatric history and an appropriate mental status exam.
Formulation of a diagnostic assessment, disposition and treatment plan.  This includes: rendering diagnosis, ordering and interpreting diagnostic test(s) as appropriate, recommending therapeutic treatment modalities (including medications), providing appropriate patient instruction and/or referrals. Prior medical and/or mental health records from outside providers will be requested as appropriate.
Collaboration with all members of medical and mental health care team as needed.
Assisting in and facilitating referrals appropriate to treatment when providing clinical and consulting services.
The staff psychiatrist provides high quality psychiatry consultation regarding patient assessment and management for staff members in the Student Health Center and other campus staff as needed.
This may include identification and implementation of case management strategies, situation assessment and management (e.g. aberrant behavior), etc.  Facilitation of care and appropriate disposition is emphasized.
Collaborates directly with the Student Health Center staff and medical consultants for interdisciplinary approach to mental health cases.
Participation in the Student Health Center's internal peer review process.
Provides psychiatric consultation to Student Affairs, academic, professional and departmental advisors, and to staff of other campus units.
The staff psychiatrist provides consultation and assistance to assure appropriate management of complex cases. This may include assuming overall management of challenging clinical cases, complex family relationships or academic issues, aberrant behavior or suicide prevention and response.
The staff psychiatrist may assist with clinical supervision. This may include assistance with orientation and integration of psychology interns.  Provides some training on diagnostic and psychotropic medication issues to Student Health Center staff.
If appropriately credentialed, supervision of psychiatry residents from the University of California, Irvine Medical Center (UCIMC) Department of Psychiatry at the Student Health Center, at a minimum of one case a week per resident.  
Responsible for monitoring the resident's clinical and professional progress on service.
Provides cross-coverage supervision for psychiatric residents when primary supervisor is unavailable.  
The staff psychiatrist may provide outreach services to the campus community.
The staff psychiatrist documents the presenting problem, history, examination, clinical recommendations and other patient contacts in the psychiatric record.
Written chart notes are legible, accurate and completed in a timely fashion.
Informed consent is obtained and documented where applicable.
Medications, orders, allergies and side effects are documented appropriately.
Initial evaluation, closing summaries, referral forms, and other required documentation are completed appropriately.
Familiarity with use of electronic medical records system.
Adhere to principles of quality and best-practice standards.
Demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, and sensitivity in all interactions with patients and staff regardless of cultural, racial/ethnic background, sexual or gender orientation.
Refer administrative inquires, patient complaints/concerns to appropriate supervisors.
Maintain knowledge of patient rights and responsibilities and established rules of confidentiality and patient privacy.
Maintain psychiatric and medical record confidentiality.
Maintain an understanding of the social, cultural and environmental context of health, including mental health on the college campus.
Maintain knowledge of Health Services departments, services, and locations.
Maintain knowledge of operational, administrative, business, and personnel policies.
Maintain a working knowledge of Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services, Social Services and Clinical Services policies and procedures.
Abide by University and Student Health Center policies and procedures.
Contributes to the establishment of psychiatric and other medical policies regarding psychiatric diagnosis, referral, confidentiality, the release of information to and from outside professional sources, record keeping, and any other issues affecting the standards of practice for psychiatry in the Student Health Center.
Accountable for reporting in a timely manner to the Chief of Psychiatry all issues which many impact patient care and safety.
Contributes to review of Mental Health records, quality of care issues and Quality Management & Improvement studies.
Remain organized and able to prioritize workload.
Assure timely patient care and keep pace within appointment system.
Contribute to productivity of unit by demonstrating an ability to work efficiently.
Maintain effective communication and coordination with staff.
Maintain professional courtesy and behavior even when under pressure or difficult situations are encountered.
Demonstrate respect for co-workers and patients by keeping a reasonably clean and well-organized work area.
Demonstrate flexibility in work schedules.
Know the emergency/disaster management plan.
Know the use and location of emergency equipment in the assigned unit.
Know and facilitate appropriate mental health resources in the area for emergencies.
Maintain current and unrestricted medical license.
Maintain Board Certification.
Fulfill or exceed continuing medical education requirements to maintain licensure and stay current with the field of psychiatry.
Maintains active and current DEA certification.
Must be a graduate of an accredited medical school and completion of Psychiatry Residency at an ACGME accredited program.
Must hold a current license to practice medicine in the State of California, or eligible for physician licensure by the Medical Board of CA.
Must hold a Board Certification in Psychiatry.
Knowledge of current psychiatric diagnosis and treatment principles relating to general practice, and specifically to the college/university population.
Knowledge of HIPAA and patient privacy issues pertaining to the delivery of health care especially in mental health.
Skills in diagnostic examination.
Sensitivity to issues relating to all forms of diversity including but not limited to culture, sexual orientation, gender, and socioeconomic status.
Knowledge of issues of special importance to college/university students, including drug and alcohol use, eating disorders, chemical dependency and abuse, ADHD, LD, etc.
Awareness of developmental issues as they impact a student's adjustment to campus life.
Prior experience working professionally with emotional, psychological or psychiatric issues among young adults, especially college students, strongly preferred.
Knowledge of standard of psychiatric care in the greater community.
Knowledge of accreditation requirements relating to psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, record-keeping, and electronic medical records.
3 - 5 years of direct patient care experience after completing accredited residency training in medicine.
Will Train:
Knowledge of Electronic Medical Record systems.
Below are general guidelines on the position's physical, mental, and environmental working conditions.
In accordance with applicable state and federal law, UCI provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities upon request. For more information, please contact Human Resources at (949) 824-5210.
Bend: Occasionally
Squat: Occasionally
Crawl: Not Applicable
Climb: Not Applicable
Kneel: Not Applicable
Handle Objects: Occasionally
Push/Pull: Occasionally
Reach Above Shoulder Level: Occasionally
Sit: Constantly
Stand: Occasionally
Walk: Frequently
Use Fine Finger Movements: Constantly
Carry/Lift Loads up to 25 Pounds: Not Applicable
Carry/Lift loads between 25-50 lbs: Not Applicable
Carry/Lift Loads over 50 Pounds: Not Applicable
Read/Comprehend: Constantly
Write: Constantly
Perform Calculations: Occasionally
Communicate Orally: Constantly
Reason and Analyze: Constantly
Chemical/Biological Agent: Not Applicable
Construction Activities: Not Applicable
Contact with Water/Liquids: Not Applicable
Drive Motorized Equipment: Not Applicable
Confined Spaces: Occasionally
Elevated Work Location: Not Applicable
Radioactive Materials: Not Applicable
Temperature Variations: Occasionally
Gas System: Not ApplicablePI77411701