Service Line Planning Senior Consultant- Strategic Planning Administration- FT Days

Nashville, Davidson County
May 14, 2014


The Sr. Consultant, Service Line Planning has a strong understanding of the dynamics between strategy, operations, and finance. A strategic thinker in developing and consulting among service line administrative leaders contributing to their business success through strategic and business planning which requires synthesis of market intelligence, strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management skills as well as lead with influence. The Sr. Consultant will be a planning resource and perform a consultative role in providing complex analytics in support of requests from primarily but not limited to service line senior leadership. Also responsible for performing feasibility studies in collaboration with CESP department and service line leaders for program growth, new development, and expansion of off-site activities making recommendations with decisive judgment.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. 1. Strategic planning consultative support to serve line senior leadership teams.
    1. Perform consultative role with senior leadership teams to understand market concerns and key questions that lend to the success of their business; develop, synthesize, and facilitate strategic and business plans with an appropriate deliverable; ensure proper alignment with organizational needs and direction.
    2. Develop an annual (or otherwise) review of service line market data & intelligence and engage department and service line leadership in discussions developing appropriate action plans.
    3. On an ongoing basis access, analyze, and synthesize market intelligence as it relates to specific service lines and report findings of impact; facilitate service line businesses in developing strategies to mitigate risk (i.e. Competitive Impact analysis).
    4. Collaborate with senior leadership in the justification process for new business and program development initiatives; to include feasibility studies of new space for on and off-campus locations, expansion and relocation of inpatient and outpatient services.
    5. Responsible for development of presentation materials for communication of key findings from planning processes and recommended strategies and cost/impact of implementation; review findings with senior leadership.
    6. Collect and analyze impact and risks service line plans will have to other service lines; ensure proper communication related to the implementation of various plans.
    7. Monitor and measure plan implementation with leadership teams to ensure execution of approved plans.
    8. Track, trend and analyze expected and forecasted market performance for service lines on a regular basis and make recommendations/lend support for necessary business and strategic enhancements.
  2. Strategic and business planning process
    1. Design and implement the planning process to be used by service line senior leadership teams that will ensure proper alignment with our organizational needs including the development of policy, procedures and tools to support the planning processes.
    2. Collaborate with Manager, Market Analytics and Intelligence to develop and implement a standard reporting template that service line leaders use when presenting their competitive market business profile to Executive Leadership.
    3. Collaborate with Manager, Market Analytics and Intelligence for market tool development including defining requirements, and additional planning databases.
    4. Collaborate with the Manager, Market Analytics and Intelligence to identify additional data sources are necessary to complete the planning process.
    5. Continually evaluate processes and make recommendations to improve the planning process in collaboration with end-users.
    6. Conduct education and training of planning processes.
    7. Collaborate with Senior Director to identify key planning tool needs of the department and serve as project lead for the acquisition or development of said internal and/or external tools while ensuring consensus within the department.
  3. Market Analytics and Business Intelligence
    1. Perform research on and collection of trends and anticipated changes in healthcare across the local, state, regional and national landscapes and assess the impact of those dynamic changes to VUMC.
    2. Advise leadership of innovative strategies allowing for increased market share and more effective competitiveness, and support related executive directives.
    3. Develop presentations leveraging market research and data analytics, identifying competitive position and potential impact of external market dynamics to PCC, entity and institute groups
    4. Review internal organizational performance on a regular basis and provide information/reports to the appropriate senior leaders regarding overall organizational status, as well as patient care unit status from a business and strategic alignment perspective.
    5. Analyze market intelligence and competitors' strategies; including: continually monitor the market for innovative ideas, keeping track of competitor strategic moves, advise the appropriate leaders on market moves and/or repositioning opportunities, develop and advise leadership of recommendations for customer segmentation and new customer capture, identify new business opportunities and report recommendations to leadership.
    6. Develop standard reports to identify changes in market dynamics that support the development of strategic initiatives necessary for business and/or strategic direction.
    7. Provide oversight for the Competitive Intelligence Daily Briefings.
  4. Management
    1. Develop work goals for those being supervised consistent with institutional and departmental goals and policy.
    2. Ensure the most effective operation of those being supervised through program development, process improvement, coordination of processes across functions, and staff accountability
    3. Communicate effectively to those being supervised.
    4. Ensure a safe, satisfying and enriching environment for those being supervised.
    5. Provide a qualified, competent staff through developing people and building relationships.
  5. Continuous Learning
    1. Continue in skill development and competencies in support of the demands of the department's mission and executive leaders.
    2. Collaborate with other service line support services for strong understanding of the dynamics between strategy, marketing, operations, business development and finance.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 8 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Crystal Terrace

Organization CE Strategic Planning Admin 108618PI77407486