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Nashville, Davidson County
May 08, 2014
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Technology, IT Support & Training
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Full Time


Coordinates acquisition and distribution of image and patient demographic data. Provides hardware and software technical support for electronic imaging and information systems including systems such as Computerized Topography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography, and Nuclear Medicine. Provides end-user training for applications and systems. Produces statistical data for system usage.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Manages Medical Information Systems.
    1. Ensures acquisition, archival, and distribution of image and patient demographic data
    2. Installs and configures medical information systems, workstations, and related hardware and peripherals
    3. Installs and configures applications, hardware drivers, and protocols.
    4. Establishes application and hardware interfaces between systems.
    5. Maintains working knowledge of all equipment.
  2. Provides hardware technical support for medical imaging systems.
    1. Ensures 7 x 24 operation of required systems through on-call availability. Troubleshoots system as needed.
    2. Acts as liaison to vendors for enhancements and problem resolution.
    3. Performs upgrades and repairs on selected equipment.
    4. Develops downtime and disaster recovery procedures for systems hardware.
    5. Reports hardware status to management and affected personnel on a timely basis.
  3. Provides application technical support for medical imaging systems.
    1. Ensures 7 x 24 operation of applications through on-call availability.
    2. Monitors application performance and makes adjustments where necessary.
    3. Acts as liaison to vendors for enhancements and problem resolution.
    4. Coordinates upgrades with vendors, staff, and end-users.
    5. Develops downtime and disaster recovery procedures for all critical applications.
    6. Reports application status and new feature capability to management and affected personnel.
    7. Demonstrates professional attributes and effective technical skills to satisfy job expectation
  4. Oversees quality assurance on equipment and reports any deviations to service engineer.
    1. Ensures that all designated equipment is properly maintained on a daily basis
    2. Implements and supports a quality control program to serve as a satisfactory check on all systems
    3. Performs visual preventive maintenance checks
    4. Provides clear concise information regarding mechanical problems and service needs.
    5. Records all equipment downtime in department log and notifies appropriate personnel according to department guidelines.
    6. Maintains appropriate records quality control procedures.
  5. Provides statistical analysis of image and demographic data.
    1. Generates specific system data through SQL database queries.
    2. Produces reports on systems and resource utilization and trends.
  6. Provides end-user training for personnel both inside and outside the department.
    1. Assists to identify staff's learning needs and answers questions from personnel regarding the use of medical imaging systems.
    2. Provides on-location training for personnel on all shifts where required.
    3. Holds in-services on various topics relating to the use and/or general function of application and hardware.
  7. Provides strategic planning for growth new capabilities or provide service to new areas.
    1. Determines expansion requirements needed to provide new capabilities or provide service to new areas.
    2. Determines costs associated with expansion.
    3. Assists in the preparation, coordination, and execution of expansion projects.
  8. Communicates with Department and hospital staff and physicians in the performance of PACS systems.
    1. Communicates identified problems using the appropriate chain of command
    2. Participates in staff in-services, quality assurance meetings and departmental meetings.
  9. Contributes to a positive work environment and demonstrates teamwork.
    1. Assists in research and development projects with support staff and other health care professionals.
    2. Adheres to general hospital standards to promote a cooperative working environment by utilizing communication skills, interpersonal relationships and team building.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires High school graduate or GED and 2 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Job Information Technology

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