Health Systems Analyst Programmer I

Nashville, Davidson County
May 03, 2014
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This position will support VICTR's cutting-edge research repositories as well as supporting Cardiology in similar endeavors. The Synthetic Derivative and the Research Derivative are large-scale, multisource databases that utilize data from the Electronic Medical Record and other sources restructured to enable a wide-range of research and research supporting tools. The Synthetic Derivative is a de-identified database that can be linked to genomic data that can be used for non-human studies. The Research Derivative is a fully identified database of clinical and other data.
Position Specific Key Functions and Expected Performance:
1. Serves as a valuable resource for investigators within Cardiology for access to currently available information using available research databases and ongoing phenotypic and data analysis methods.           
  a. Supports Cardiology investigators in study development and design.                               
  b. Provides data management and analysis support.                    
  c. Research potential data sources and develop methods and storing data to further develop research databases.                        
2. Develop and modify moderately complex software.                  
   a. Further development of various databases supporting more efficient utilization.                      
   b. Develop analytic tools, de-identified assessments, enhance interface with preliminary research data generation                     
   c. Produce clearly written, logical application code with minimal errors.  Code must be easily extensible following principles of object oriented design.  Includes clear documentation of application modifications and/or development activities as they occur.                
   d. Adhere to internal software installation/backup, quality/programming standards, and common design patterns.                     
   e. Define project objectives and define success measurements.                           
3. Provide support to the Director of VICTR and the Office of Research Informatics for long-range strategic planning for the broadly defined data collection program.                             
   a. Collaborate with Program Director(s), Cardiology and other members of the team in developing long range strategic plans and objectives.                    
   b. Analyze policies and procedures to improve program efficiency and effectiveness.                 
   c. Work with other program managers to streamline team operations for VICTR and the Office of Research Informatics.                               
4. Ensure the integrity and security of institutional data as well as patient data.                 
   a. Adhere to confidentiality and security policies. Creating procedures as needed for this outcome.                     
Preferred Skills and Knowledge:      
* Prefer knowledge and skills working with Java, Perl, Python, C++, Postgresql, and Oracle.                        
* Prefer experience with genetic data management.                     
* Prefer experience with data analysis.                

Basic Qualifications

Job requires a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent.

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Primary Location TN-Nashville-2525 West End Ave

Organization VICTR 104242PI76779085