Educational Consultant

Nashville, Davidson County
May 03, 2014


Serve as a consultant in developing, implementing and evaluating instructional and/or behavioral programs that may include innovative projects designed for children used by those working with children in special education or those with specialized needs, i.e. developmental disabilities, autism. Will train professional teachers and educational groups to include but not limited to individual parents. Will be working in the Metropolitan-Nashville Public Schools, administering complex assessment batteries and conducting tutoring on math fractions with fidelity to research protocols.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  • Planning, preparing and conducting in-service training activities for community service providers (e.g. school instructors and personnel, early intervention providers and agency staff) who work with special education and needs children to include but not limited to those with autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental disabilities.
  • Consult with classroom teachers to help them develop appropriate goals and activities for individual children, improve the structure and organization of their classrooms and design specialized programs for students.
  • Develop and conduct a variety of Topical Workshops (presentations) for parents, professionals and/or children. Topics can include, but are not limited to, special education learning and behavior modalities, social skills, training, behavior management, IEP development, ABA strategies and the use of visual supports.
  • Develop content for a variety of instructional programs using in field experience and expertise as necessary to research and/or review other research provided by experts. Based on research and expertise, the content developed should be presented in a collaborative manner and within an appropriate delivery mode that enables learning by those identified in the target audience (i.e. instructors, educators, etc.).

Basic Qualifications

Preferred Education, Skills, and Experiences:
  • Master's degree and at least 1 school-year experience with research in the Metropolitan-Nashville Public Schools
  • Ability to administer complex assessment batteries and tutor on math word problems with fidelity to research protocols required.

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-One Magnolia Circle

Organization Peabody Research Offc - Specia 126493PI76778989