Asst. Women's Soccer Coach

United States, North America
May 02, 2014
About The Unit: The University of Chicago is one of the nation's leading institutions of higher education and research. Campus and Student Life (CSL) is comprised of 20 departments that serve the University's 15,000 college, graduate, and professional school students, as well as the campus community more broadly. CSL is importantly charged with the dual task of supporting all students in the University, graduate and undergraduate, and managing multiple campus departments and services that serve the entire campus community. CSL's programs and services focus on supporting student academic success, providing opportunities for personal growth and leadership development, developing community and engagement through the residential housing and dining program, and in areas such as artistic expression, community service, spiritual exploration, and athletic competition. The University of Chicago community includes approximately 5,000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduate, professional, and other students and there are over 300 recognized student organizations working together to create a vibrant and dynamic student life. The University of Chicago is a member of the University Athletic Association and the NCAA (Division III). The University sponsors nineteen varsity sports for an undergraduate population of 5200 students. Physical Education & Athletics maintains an environment that supports the student athletes' commitment to achieving their full potential. The arena in which this occurs is the competitive environment. The preparation for, and participation in, intercollegiate athletic competition creates a focal point for learning and provides valuable feedback on the progress of development. Intercollegiate athletics are considered a component of a liberal arts education, complementary to its central academic mission. A diverse, challenging athletic program supplements the rigorous academic curriculum. The lessons learned through athletic endeavors represent an invaluable part of the nonacademic aspects of a balanced education. The primary focus of the intercollegiate athletic program is the student athlete. The goal is a positive educational experience. Participation in the intercollegiate athletic program should enhance an individual's personal, educational, and social development. Achieving this goal is based on a commitment to excellence.

Unit Job Summary: Asst. Women's Soccer Coach: Under the direction of the head coach, assists with planning, coaching, recruiting, administering, and promoting an athletics program within NCAA and University standards. Recommends, plans, and implements new instructional, training, and conditioning programs. Teaches relevant skills to student-athletes during team practices, games, and individual/small group training sessions. Evaluates the performance of the team and individual student-athletes in order to instruct and advise on technical, strategic, and mental development. Analyzes data and evaluates tapes in order to develop, implement, and teach game strategies. Counsels and advises student-athletes on their academic, personal, and physical condition, consulting with the head coach and appropriate University staff as necessary. Participates in the development and implementation of an overall recruiting plan. Ensures student-athletes and athletics representatives are informed of and comply with NCAA and University rules and regulations. Assists with developing and monitoring the budget. Assists in developing and implementing travel plans. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Head Women's Soccer Coach. Secondary departmental responsibilities will be assigned by the Athletic Director based on applicable skills and experience.

Unit Education: Bachelor's degree required. Advanced degree in physical education or related field preferred.

Unit Experience: A minimum of four years of coaching or competitive experience required.

Unit Job Function Competencies: Knowledge of relevant sports rules required. Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations required. Knowledge of applicable strengthening and conditioning programs and routines required. Understanding of the role physical education and athletics plays in a rigorous academic setting required. Ability to successfully teach, coach, and mentor competitive student athletics required. Interpersonal skills required. Verbal and written communications skills required. Organizational skills required. Valid driver s license required. Ability to drive safely required. Ability to travel required.