Music Therapist Non-Exempt (Children's Hospital)


This position requires 20 hours per week.  Some flexibility in working weekends and evenings.

The position will provide direct services for neonates, infants, toddlers, school age children and adolescents by using music as a tool to help them attain and maintain their maximum levels of functioning in the areas of physical, cognitive, communication and social/emotional health. Program planning will be designed to reduce stress, increase adaptive coping, provide normalization, promote social interaction and support developmental integrity through play experiences in a safe environment.

Assess need for music therapy intervention via consult, communication with interdisciplinary team, and specifically with the child life team.  Assess patients and families, provide interventions for individuals and groups, evaluate interventions and document in EMR.  Oversee music volunteers, providing supervision, feedback and support. 

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Uses music therapeutically to support children and youth, incorporating professional expertise and knowledge related to human development and healthcare experiences
    1. maximizes children's ability to use music therapeutically
    2. provides interaction and music activities to match current developmental status of patient and family
    3. provides interactions to match current emotional status of patient and family
    4. recognizes, interprets and responds appropriately to significant events in music therapy sessions as they occur
  2. Plans and implements individual and group activities for children and youth to provide developmentally appropriate recreation, socialization and learning.
    1. utilizes singing skills in music therapy session
    2. provides models for appropriate social behaviors in group music therapy
    3. provides verbal and non verbal direction and cues necessary for successful patient participation
  3. Seeks information about diversity and is culturally sensitive to the diversity of children and families in developing supportive programs and providing services.
    1. develops and maintains repertoire of music for age, culture and stylistic differences
    2. investigates and refers to up-to-date cultural information
  4. Identifies and provides appropriate music resources and maintains these resources as safe and accessible.
    1. maintains current inventory list of instruments and supplies
    2. maintains infection control standards with all equipment
    3. creates a physical environment that is conducive to effective therapy
  5. Designs and implements music therapy sessions based on patient/family strengths and needs, using music improvisation, receptive music listening, song writing, lyric discussion, music and imagery and music performance.
    1. extends support and offers counsel to family members to their own stress and needs
    2. assists siblings through therapeutic music experiences
    3. facilitates positive relations with parents and family members using resources to accommodate cultural needs and to bridge differences
  6. Participates in interdisciplinary treatment planning
    1. participates in patient care conferences and multidisciplinary rounds
    2. advocates for needs of patients and families
    3. builds and maintains positive work relationships with interdisciplinary team members and with other departments
  7. Monitors patient progress and provides documentation related to objectives and goal achievement.
    1. produces documentation that accurately reflects outcomes
    2. revises documentation and the treatment plan as needed
    3. demonstrates knowledge of professional standards of clinical practice regarding documentation
  8. Incorporates music therapy in development of patient's self-awareness and expression, comfort and coping skills, confidence, sense of well being, reading skills, motor skills, and social behavior.
    1. provides music therapy experiences to elicit social interaction
    2. provides music therapy experiences to promote decision making
    3. provides music therapy experiences to eliciting affective responses from the patients
  9. Provides educational programs for children, families, students, staff and volunteers.
    1. responds appropriately and promptly to requests for educational programs
    2. creates educational programs to meet emotional, developmental and social needs
    3. evaluates educational programs annually
  10. Coordinates, trains, and supervises students in majors related to music therapy during field work/internship experiences.
    1. Identifies grant, foundation, and donor sources for and secures funding to perpetuate the music therapy program.
      1. collaborates with music industry relations specialist.
      2. maintains open communication with established donor.
      3. participates in one fund raising event for the program
    2. Maintains statistics, reports and other appropriate correspondence for music therapy services provided.
      1. completes monthly productivity tool by the 5th day of each month
      2. prepares annual goals for self and program for review annually
    3. Participates in professional organizations and continuing education initiatives to advance knowledge and skills for self and others
      1. demonstrates ability to evaluate own performance and integrate feedback from others into practice
      2. prioritizes, plans and organizes work for timely outcomes
      3. attends one continuing education event per year

    Basic Qualifications

    Job requires Bachelor's and 1 year of experience working with children and families.

    Must be Board Certified Music Therapist;  experience working with children and families.

    Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

    Certified Music Therapist

    Job Social Work/Mental Health/Other Therapies

    Primary Location TN-Nashville-Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt