Director of Academic Support for Student-Athletes

San Francisco, San Francisco County
Apr 29, 2014

Director of Academic Support for Student-Athletes

University of San Francisco

Department: Athletics

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Summary:

The Director for Academic Services for Student-Athletes works under the direction of the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Student Services. The Director for Academic Services for Student-Athletes is a member of the University of San Francisco Athletic Department and works cooperatively with student-athletes, coaches, athletic department staff members, and other campus offices, departments, and staff who are involved with the academic lives of student-athletes. This position will provide academic advising for approximately 50 student-athletes, from pre-enrollment to graduation.

In coordination with the University’s general academic advising structure, The Director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes will play a prominent role in framing advising issues for student-athletes. A central resource and support to student-athletes, the Director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes will have comprehensive understanding of the curriculum, academic rules and regulations, and the unique needs of student-athletes. The Director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes works in coordination with the Athletic Department’s Compliance Office, the Office of the Registrar, the Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA), and the institution’s Faculty Athletics Representative to ensure student-athletes remain in compliance with NCAA and USF policy.

Job Responsibilities:

(50%) Academic Advising to Undergraduate Student-Athletes

• Acts as the designated professional academic advisor for a cohort of undergraduate student-athletes from pre-enrollment through graduation

• Advises student-athletes on their academic programs; makes interventions for students in difficulty

• Provides outreach and advising to student-athletes at risk, student-athletes on probation, student-athletes considering a leave of absence, returning from a leave, or who have special academic interests or needs

• Apprises student-athletes of scholarship opportunities, and participates in related recruitment and selection processes

• Facilitates academic accommodations with faculty for student-athletes with disabilities or other special needs

• Serves as a central resource and support to faculty and staff academic advisors who advise student-athletes

• With colleagues in CASA, helps to frame advising issues related to academic policies, rules, and regulations, with particular attention to the unique needs of student-athletes, making recommendations where appropriate

• Participates in fall student-athlete orientation and provides individual team orientation programs for incoming freshman student-athletes

• Maintains records of advising interactions

• Other duties as assigned

(45%) NCAA Compliance Management

• Assists the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Student Services and other staff members in determining which courses count towards specific degree programs and therefore meet NCAA percentage-toward-degree requirements

• Assists in communicating with academic departments regarding the academic compliance needs of student-athletes

• Organizes eligibility review in the Fall and Spring semesters

• Assists student-athletes in course selection to help ensure continuing eligibility

• Reviews student-athletes’ study lists to ensure they are enrolled in appropriate courses that will result in continuing eligibility if passed

• Assists student-athletes with scheduling challenges due to athletic participation

• Reviews academic plans with student-athletes who are struggling with eligibility issues

• Participates in semi-annual reviews of student-athletes’ transcripts to asses eligibility

(5%) Present academic programs to Prospective Student-Athletes and their Parents

• Meets with athletic recruits and their parents, as needed, during their recruiting visits to discuss USF’s academic programs and advising resources

• Informs prospective students and their parents of the academic advantages and benefits of attending USF by providing an accurate, optimistic, and thorough picture of the numerous resources and opportunities available to all students at the University

Minimum Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree is required.

• 2 years of experience in academic advising/teaching and coordinating academic programs

• 2 years of experience in academic advising in the context of NCAA regulations or familiarity with academic programs and structure at the University

• Fluency with basic desktop applications including databases, word processing, spreadsheets

Other Responsibilities:

• Knowledge of issues relevant to residential college life and student-athletes’ experiences

• Knowledge of academic rules and regulations and how they are applied, including university policies governing privacy of academic records

• In-depth understanding of the structure (academic departments, curriculum, administrative units) of a private university and appreciation of the curriculum and current issues in higher education teaching and learning

• Knowledge of academic standing and academic progress in a undergraduate programs

• Familiarity with NCAA regulations and compliance issues

• Familiarity with athletic scholarships

• Familiarity with time constraints and limitations that student-athletes face at an academically-rigorous Division I institution

• Knowledge of the freshman experience and/or other advising and academic orientation programs

• Familiarity with and sensitive understanding of multicultural student development issues

• Experience with or knowledge of advanced opportunities in liberal arts education, including research, internships, and honors programs

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Ability to help individual students balance the design of their academic programs according to their needs and interests and in the context of NCAA eligibility requirements

• Ability to personalize the advising experience for individual student needs

• Ability to relate to individual students and to know when to be firm and when to be flexible

• Ability to work with students to resolve critical and sensitive personal and/or academic problems

• Ability to connect with and mentor student-athletes across their undergraduate career and assist student-athletes who may be planning to go to graduate school or participate in post baccalaureate opportunities and / or scholarships

• Ability to negotiate sensitive issues with multiple players

• Ability to work with students, faculty ,staff, parents, and alumni to understand program issues and concerns, collaborating in setting policy and mediating complex and sensitive disputes

• Ability to respond to complex inquiries about University policies and procedures requiring interpretation.

• Ability to apply ingenuity and creativity in solving complex problems

• Ability to exercise patience and flexibility when dealing with a wide and diverse group of students, faculty, staff and outside constituents

• Ability to remain calm under pressure

• Ability to work collaboratively as a team member and to maintain a strong service orientation

• Ability to maintain confidentiality around student issues

• Ability to work a flexible schedule, with some evening and weekend responsibilities

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EEO Policy
The University of San Francisco is an equal opportunity institution of higher education. As a matter of policy, the University does not discriminate in employment, educational services and academic programs on the basis of an individual’s race, color, religion, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age (except minors), sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition (cancer-related and genetic-related) and disability, and the other bases prohibited by law. The University reasonably accommodates qualified individuals with disabilities under the law.