Service Enterprises Director

Riverside, Riverside County
Apr 29, 2014
Jobs Outside Higher Education
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Salary: $64,600 - $98,500
Title: Service Enterprises Director
Category: Management and Professional
Department: Printing & Reprographics
Date Posted: 02/27/2014
8AM - 5PM
Position Information:

Under the general direction of the Director of Materiel Management, the Service Enterprises Director is responsible for the independent management of the campus Printing & Reprographics and Mail Services operations. This includes four separate locations, and over 14,100 assignable square feet of facilities with each area having its own supervisory group. The responsibilities include management of 240 copiers, three separate printing production sites, and one mail processing center. Also the incumbent acts as backup director when the Director of Materiel Management is absent.

All areas are self-support units using reasonable cost accounting practices to set rates that are designed to recover all cost of operations and capital needs.

total budgets with capital expenditures exceed $5.6 million annually; including over $200k in cash sales. Other statistics include: over 10 million pieces of mail processed annually and 100 million printed sheets. The total organization staffing includes thirty-one full and part-time employees. Total equipment value for both owned and leased exceeds $6.8 million. Departmental owned facilities are approximately valued at $3.85 million.
Minimum Requirements:
Graduation from college with a major in business and five years of experience in managing a Printing and Mail operation in a college setting, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Knowledge of electronic connectivity using the campus backbone as a gateway to services; and of environmental laws and proper use and storage of chemicals and toxic substances.

Demonstrated skill and experience in the areas of business, supervising, organizational, presentation and communication skills; knowledge and technical background for Graphic Arts and Printing processes, Mail regulations and procedures; and in operating personal computers, file servers, networks, spreadsheet, database and software applications such as Microsoft Office Suites and e-mail communication programs.

Ability to interact with clients in a collegial way to achieve goals and objectives; understand terminology to communicate effectively with printing and Mail staff who have in-depth knowledge about their various specialties; on a daily basis work towards an awareness of new approaches, techniques and methods to achieve best practices in the three units; be sensitive to the affirmative action goals of the University; understand agency shop (union) employees and the need to work closely with campus Human Resources on actions and work rules changes; be available on weekends or late nights to respond to client's special needs and circumstances; understand very complex and technical aspects of various units including new applications using high-end servers and internet tools; be the campus expert on Reprographics techniques including letterpress, diazo, offset, dry offset, web, flexography, gravure, screen printing, digital, and xerographic; set productivity standards that meet or exceed industry in both units; work closely with complex problems in an academic setting understanding the unique characteristics of a college campus; read and interpret financial statements; interact effectively with many cultures and ethnic groups on campus; and handle pressure and tight deadlines within the framework of the "service excellence" expected by the Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services.
Preferred Qualifications:
Knowledgeable of UCR policies, practices and procedures.

Knowledge and skills using UCR financial systems such as Peoplesoft, PO/SPOlite, SuperDope, UCRFS Totals.

Knowledge of current management procedures and ability to glean information from many sources.

Ability to creatively apply new ways of thinking.

Ability to exercise a long range vision in the context of the organization with an awareness of the organization's critical success factors and future needs.

Must have an entrepreneurial spirit which understands customers and evolving business practices and opportunities; builds organizational credibility, ability to develop new revenue sources.

Must have an innate ability to build teamwork and cooperation to achieve common goals and values while encouraging diversity of opinions; creates synergies across the work group.

Must be able to compose clear principles and have the flexibility to balance between literal adherence to rules and the use of policy as a guide.

Must be willing to motivate and delegate with clarity and specificity of expectations.

Ability to communicate with a clear expression of ideas and thoughts as well as active and empathic listening.
Additional Information:
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