Academic Technology Analyst

United States, North America
Apr 29, 2014
Administrative Jobs
Academic Affairs, Instructional Design
About The Unit:

Unit Job Summary: Academic Technology Analyst: Provide close consultation and support for faculty. They assist with the integration of computing technology with teaching, research and scholarship by serving as a liaison between faculty and other service areas within ITS and around the University, and by directly assisting faculty to adapt technology for their teaching. These positions work as part of Academic Technology Services (ATS), a highly collaborative team that provides academic technology support for faculty and students. We are looking for dynamic, creative, and ambitious individuals with a strong drive, and who work well in a dynamic team-oriented environment. Academic Technology Analyst have educational backgrounds that will help them develop ongoing support relationships with faculty, and technical skills that allow them to develop and identify technical solutions to pedagogical challenges. THIS IS A ONE YEAR TERM POSITION. This position: Help catalyze pedagogical innovation through ongoing working relationships with faculty from a particular set of academic departments. Work closely with faculty to understand their IT needs with regard to teaching, research and scholarship. Build partnerships with librarians, museum educators, research computing domain specialists, and other colleagues across campus who also provide faculty support, and help connect faculty to those resources. Facilitate the creation of digital teaching materials that make a clear difference to the academic experience of faculty and students. Work as part of a support team to continually improve academic platforms and tools offered as shared services across the University. Foster and increasing the effective use of technology across a spectrum of academic activities. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Faculty consulting Serving as a guide to help faculty secure support and solutions, both at the University and beyond, for their various uses of technology in research, teaching, and scholarship. Helping faculty make use of multimedia classrooms. Guiding them in the use and curricular integration of educational media (e.g., simulations, presentations, personal response systems, and other computer-­‐ or technology-­‐assisted methods). Guiding faculty to make the most effective uses of existing educational platforms and tools (e.g, Chalk (our LMS), wikis, cloud resources such as Piazza, library research guides, etc.). Support for academic tools and platforms. Assisting in responding to support requests. Analyzing incident report and troubleshooting. Participating in strategic planning for academic tools and platforms. Guiding basic assessment of computer-­‐aided pedagogical strategies and digital teaching materials. Other duties as assigned Participating in testing of software as needed. Developing digital course materials in support of faculty clients. Developing and delivering documentation and training. Hire, train, and supervise work study students to assist with instructional technology needs.

Unit Education: Masters degree or seven years of equivalent training or experience in higher education learning technology support or related field required.

Unit Experience: Minimum three years of experience working with university faculty in support of their teaching, required. Minimum two years of teaching experience in a technical field, higher education, or IT client services required.

Unit Job Function Competencies: Demonstrated understanding of web technologies and digital media required. Demonstrated understanding of emerging trends in learning management systems and social technologies in education required. Exceptional communications skills required. Ability to be resourcesful for, and partners with, their colleagues in ITS and around the university required. Serve as a resource of information about emerging technologies; have the technical knowledge to connect faculty to practical and effective technical solutions; posses pedagogical understanding to be able to assess the value of new technologies to academic work; and must possess high caliber written and oral communications skills that allow them to represent The University of Chicago and ITS at internal and external seminars, colloquia, presentations, and workshops required. Work well in a highly team-­‐oriented, collaborative environment required. Flexible in their performing an array of duties critical to the success of projects and services required. Communicate with and educate users of varying technical knowledge (senior administration, faculty, staff, or students) required. Contribute to the development of future instructional technology needs required. Serve as liaisons between faculty and other service areas within ITS and around the University required. Demonstrated record of working successfully in a team-­‐oriented, collaborative environment required. Independent initiative required.